Why My Readynet Router Automatically Reboot

My Readynet router is restarting on its own without me doing anything. I don't understand why this is happening with my router. Please help me to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible! Your advice and suggestions are much appreciated! (Router Model Number - ReadyNet WRT300N )

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Fix Readynet Router Automatically Reboot:

If your Readynet router is rebooting itself then it might be possible that there is some technical problem with the router.

Perform these basic steps to fix your Readynet router issue -

1. Verify that your Readynet Router is not overheating - If your router is overheating then one of the easiest solutions is get your device out of enclosed & hot spaces and place at that location where the temperature is normal.

2. Update Readynet router’s firmware – If your Readynet router works properly when connected to the modem then you should understand it is probably some problem with the router. In that circumstances, check for firmware updates. Have a look at these points -

a.Head to Readynet router configuration page by typing “” in the address bar. After logging into the wizard, check its current firmware version.

b.Head to Readynet router official website and move to the downloads page. On the downloads page, if the latest firmware matches with the one that your Readynet router is using then no need to update the firmware. But if it does not match, then download the latest firmware for your Readynet router.

3. Flash third-party firmware – If after updating Readynet router firmware, your problem does not get fixed then flash a third-party firmware like DD-WRT. It will potentially resolve all problems and also boost the usefulness and customizability of router.

4. Limit Connection to File Sharing Services – Sometimes router can bog down by too much traffic if you are using BitTorrent or Usenet. If your device’s connection is shared between multiple devices then sometimes your Readynet router will automatically reboot or stops working.

So, try limiting the speed and check your problem is resolved or not. You can also tweak the number of connections.

5. Plug Readynet router into an outlet timer – If your problem is not resolved by limiting the number of connection then pick an outlet timer and set it to reboot the router at the regular time interval.

These are some solutions to the Readynet router’s problem. Besides fixing your router’s problem these solutions will also help you to fix crappy WiFi signal.

Good Luck!

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