How to Access Password of Readynet Router Without Changing Current Settings?

I have Readynet WRT300N-D6 router. I can't get a WiFi connection on my iPod Touch when I tried connecting to this router. I needed a password to get connected, but I forgot what the password was. So I checked other answers to see if there's any way to retrieve it, and I tried the default username & password, but it didn't work. I found out that I should reset my router, but I'm scared it will mess up my current settings and I don't know how to put it back to how it was. So will reset my Readynet router mess up my current settings? Please help!

Reset Readynet Router Password:

If you forgot your password then you will need to perform a system reset to change the router settings back to the factory default settings.

Once the default factory settings are restored then you can use the default router IP address, username and password to access the router set up menu.

For this, find the small hole marked "Reset" on the rear panel of the router and disconnect power from the router.

Now use a pen or the end of a paper clip to press the Reset button.

After this, re-connect power to the router while pressing the reset button. Wait about 3-10 seconds and watch the LED's on the front panel. The LED's will blink indicating the reset has occurred.

You may now release the Reset push button. Once the router has been reset, it can be accessed using default username and password. After resetting you can easily connect your iPod touch with Readynet router.

How to Access Password of Readynet Router Without Changing Current Settings

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