Default Username Password and IP Address not Working

You can login to your Readynet router settings with the administrative password and username. It has been noted that, while configuring your device, ISP does not make changes to administrative settings and it remains as default. In the below-given table, you can find your default username and password as per the model number of your Readynet router.

These information has been recently updated and thus must help you to login to your router’s settings page. Most of the manufacturers also print these login information at the bottom of your device so you can use those as well.

If you cannot find the model number here, you can still find your IP address from your command line. Refer How to find my default IP address?

Model Number

Default Username/SSID

Default Password

Default IP Address












What If the Given Default IP Address, Username, and Password Also do Not Work?

If the default username and Password for your model of Readynet device does not work, chances are it has been either changed by you or your ISP. You need Hard-Reset your Readynet router to change its settings to default.

Press the 'Reset' button at the back for 30 seconds. After the reset try the default credentials mentioned above. In order to Reset the router, follow the link Reset Readynet Router.