How to Resolve Readynet Router Wired Connection Problem

I have a ReadyNet WRT300N router. It serves a desktop which is connected with a UTP cable, and a couple of laptops in a wireless fashion.I have noticed that at random times the internet connection is lost briefly for all these machines. This means I still can get into the Readynet router configuration page during these connection losses, but the configuration page would tell me the internet connection is down. Now, I'm sure my ISP is not that bad. I've already reinstalled the firmware, but the problem persists. Please help me get a flawless network connection with my Readynet router!

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Resolve Readynet Router Wired Connection Problem:

Hello Surge, although Readynet router is counted as one of the best routers for personal purpose and for official purpose. If you are having any connectivity hassles with your Readynet router then follow these measures that are described here.

1. Place Readynet router at proper location - Make sure you have placed your Readynet router on a flat horizontal surface. Also, verify that your Readynet router is placed away from heat resources.

2. Configure Wireless settings-

SSID – Instead of using default SSID, create a unique SSID or network name and enter at the appropriate field.

Security – If we talk about security then you have to choose “WPA2-PSK AES” as security mode. After choosing security mode, move to Passphrase field and enter a unique value that consists of numbers, characters, and alphabets. Also, record the passphrase value for future reference.

3. Configure Internet Connection - Firstly logging into Readynet router setup wizard by entering login details(username and password).

After this, tap on Setup and then follow these steps to configure internet connection.

1.Firstly, choose your WAN connection type.

2.Although DHCP is that method that automatically configures your internet connection.

3.If your ISP uses PPPoE connection then you have to enter username and password that are provided by your ISP. After this, you need to tap on “Account Validate” option.

4.If you know the network connection settings of your ISP then choose “Static IP” and fill the IP parameters that are provided by your ISP.

Follow above steps and let me know if your problem gets resolved or not. If you need professional help then call on Readynet Router Technical Support Number at any moment.

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