How to Fix Google Nest WiFi Router Problem Connecting to Cloud

Is there anyone who knows how to fix Google Nest wifi router problem connecting to cloud. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Google Nest WiFi Router problem connecting to Cloud may arise due to various reasons that are having different layers of NAT, unstable internet connection and firewall settings. But this can be fixed easily by applying different solutions.

To connect Google Nest WiFi Router to the cloud, you need to turn off Firewall settings to check if you are able to connect to the router. You can avoid Double NAT for smooth communication of the devices. Perform a Power Cycle on your network and let the devices remain disconnected for 5 minutes and then power on and connect your modem to reboot it.

Set SSID on your router by using mobile devices or you can also use Direct Connection. Along with these you can perform an IP pass through or turn on your DMZ feature for fixing the problem.

How to Connect Google Nest WiFi Router to the Cloud-

1) Turn Off Firewall Settings

A firewall is a security tool that filters the traffic on your network. It blocks the malicious traffic and allows the non-malicious traffic to go through. It is very important to have a firewall but sometimes it causes Google Nest wifi router problems connecting to cloud issues.

You are required to turn off the security settings and check if you are able to connect your router to the cloud. After that, turn off security settings on your modem or router. 

2) Avoid Double NAT

In case you have a Google nest Wi-Fi router and other Wi-Fi devices at home, then you have more than one layer of NAT. This is also known as double NAT. This also happens when your network has a modem and a router.

When this happens, it becomes difficult for devices to communicate with one another. Double NAT may prevent your router from connecting to the cloud and leads to issues like redirecting DNS, firewall blocking ports and slow speed. 

A bridge mode can help you avoid double NAT. You must consider setting Google Wi-Fi point in bridge mode. This will turn on DHCP and routing functions so that double NAT does not cause any issues anymore.

You can also set up the bridge mode using the Google Wi-Fi app. On your app, go to Settings and then search for the "Network and General" section. Select Advanced networking and then network mode. Choose the section that has bridge mode and then select Save. 

3) Perform a Power Cycle on Your Network

An unstable internet connection can also lead to this problem. However, you can resolve this issue simply by performing a power cycle on your network. Just disconnect the power cable and ethernet cable from your router.

Apart from that, disconnect the power cable, which connects to the modem. let the devices remain disconnected for at least 5 minutes. When you start reconnecting your devices, connect the power wire to your modem and then give it some time to reboot. 

Please make sure that all the lights on the modem are turned on before going ahead with the next step. When your modem is online, you can connect your ethernet cable to the WAN port of your Google Wi-Fi router. Connect the power wire back to the router safely. Give sufficient time for Google Nest Wi-Fi router to power on. 

4) Set SSID on Your Router

You can use your mobile device to set up an SSID for your Google Nest Wi-Fi router. On your mobile device, go to Wi-Fi network settings. This will show you a list of various Wi-Fi networks.

Search for the right setup network name and then enter your password. Once you get connected to the network, you can go to the Google Home app and set up your router. When you do this, you need to make sure that your location services and Bluetooth are turned on. 

5) Use a Direct Connection 

You can check whether your internet connection is stable or not by connecting your PC directly to the modem. Bypass your router and use an ethernet cable to make a direct connection.

This can help you determine whether the unstable internet is the cause of your problem or not. 

6) Perform an IP Passthrough 

You can connect your Google Nest Wi-Fi router to the cloud by using an IP pass-through mobile. It is used as an alternative to enable bridge mode. You can keep one device on your network in pass-through mode.

Once you keep a certain device on the device, it removes the firewall protection in it. When you configure a device in the pass-through mode, WAP IP is assigned to it and not LAN IP. 

7) Turn On Your DMZ Feature

If you wish to use Wi-Fi for gaming or video conferencing, then you must turn on the DMZ feature. This will help you connect your router to the cloud without any issues. The process of configuring this issue on your Nest Wi-Fi router is a simple process and it is only going to take a few minutes.

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