How to Log in to a Time Warner Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to log in to a Time Warner router. I bought this router, But don't know about it. Help me.
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Fix Time Warner Router Login Issue:

In this blog, we will discuss some easy methods to Log in to a Time Warner Router. And will also through some light on time warner router.

To make use of time warner router. Firstly, you need to know its login process. After that, you need to know the method to configure it. You may require to login or access the router to change the password or to forward the port.

Here the question arises: how will we login without visiting its IP address? So further let’s discuss some methods to search the IP address before we log in to a time warner router.

Techniques To Search The IP Address For Time Warner Router

Below I am sharing some easy methods to locate the IP address.

Method 1:- Using The Command Prompt

The following are the steps for this method to find the router IP address.

Step 1) Go to the start button and click on the search option. Once you get the search option the write cmd in that field. This will display you a dialogue box of command prompt. Hit enters on it.

Step 2) Now the new display will appear on the screen. In that screen type “ipconfig” and after that press enter.

Step 3) This will give you the IP address present next to the option of the default gateway.

Hence you have successfully completed the first step for log in to a time warner router.

Method 2:- Using Network Option

Below are some easy steps for this method.

Step 1) Navigate towards the start option then click on the network icon.

Step 2) Right-click on that particular option and then click on the option “open network and sharing center”.

Step 3) Hit enter on the option of connection and then go to its details.

Step 4) Now you will be able to see the IP address just after the default gateway.

You have successfully found the IP address.

The Process to Login Time Warner Router:

Below is the entire step by step process for the login of the time warner router.

Step 1) Firstly check whether your internet is connected or not. If it is not connected then connect it to the internet.

Step 2) Open any browser and write

Step 3) Fille the credentials like the name of the user and the password.

Step 4) Now click on the login option and configure all the changes you want to.

Detailed Steps For The Time Warner Router Login

Here are the steps in detail that will help you to log in.

Connectivity - Firstly, you need to plug in the LAN port with the help of an ethernet cable. Connect the one end of RJ-45 ethernet cable with the LAN port and other to the modem of time warner.

Booting - Once you are done with the above step then connect the ethernet cable to the port 1 of the router. And also connect the other side of the cable to the backside of the PC. Turn on the PC, Router of PC and the modem. This step of booting will take some time. Once it is complete then it will provide you the IP address of the router.

Configuration - Once the above steps are completed then you need to configure your IP address with the wireless modem. You can also use the default IP address like for the configuration.

Login Credentials - Now dialogue box for authentication will appear. Now fill the correct name of the user and the password. After that hit on the key of login. You can also login to the router with the help of default credentials.

Account Configuration - After completing the process of login. The webpage will appear consisting of many menus. Go to the control panel then click on the auto-setup option. Now configure your account using SSID name.

Now from the configuration page click on the wireless security option. And make the encryption method for the security of the network.

Save all the changes you made and then restart your entire setup.

Tips For Troubleshooting Time Warner Router

The following are some points that you need to keep in mind while using the time warner router.

  • Reset router within 30 seconds.
  • Test modem with different ethernet cables.


In this blog, we have explained the process to log in to a time warner router. I hope it will give fruitful results.

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