How To Login to a Vonage Router And Access The Setup Page

Hello, Please let me know that how to login to a Vonage Router and access the setup page. I am facing some in this router. Help me.
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If you want to access the set up page and want to make changes in the Vonage router then you need to login to the Vonage router. And for this you require a Vonage router, network access through Wifi or LAN cable and any web browser.

You need to make sure that the router is connected to the router and on your web browser navigate .

Now when you have already logged into the router, you can now make changes in the settings and then simply save the settings and apply it.

What you will require to access the web interface

  • Vonage router
  • Access to the network through wifi or LAN.cable
  • Any web browser.

You can follow the instructions given below to login to a Vonage router and make necessary changes as you require.

Make Sure the Connection to the Router is Established

In order to set up pages of your Vonage router, you’ll need to connect to the network either through wifi or through an ethernet cable.

You must know the password if you are connecting via wifi. In case you do not have access to the password you can connect to the router using an ethernet cable. In this case, the wifi password will not be required.

On Your Web Browser Navigate to

Open whichever web browser suits you and enter in the search bar as it is the most common IP address to most Vonage router. In case this does not work you will have to look for the defaults Vonage IP address list for the model you are using. This shouldn’t be so hard. You can also go to to find your IP address. It will be easily available as you are already connected to the Vonage router.

  • Username and Password
  • Now you will have to enter your username and password in the required fields to login to a Vonage router in order to access the configuration page.
  • If you do not know your password/username you can look it up on the internet.
  • They are also printed on the back of your router label. So, you can easily complete your Vonage login with this last step.
  • Once your Vonage login is complete you can make whatever changes you need.

Access the Setup Page and Configure Vonage Router

Now that your Vonage login is complete you can easily change the settings as you like. We suggest you write down the default settings so you can go back in case you face any trouble or you can simply reset the changes made. But this will set everything to default and any change you made will be gone.

If your router stops working after the configuration you can stick to 30 30 30 hard reset trick. This step is usually the last resort as doing this will set everything back to default. You can write down the changes you made earlier while configuring your device and once the device is reset you can again set it to the same configuration.

Voila! We hope you don’t face any trouble with your router and enjoy the high-speed internet connectivity on your Vonage router.

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