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How To Login to an Ubee Router And Access The Setup Page?

Hello, Please let me know that how to login to an Ubee router and access the setup page. I am facng some issue in this. Help me.
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Ubee Router Login:

The Ubee router interface is the place where all the settings you have made are stored and changed. It is the control panel of your router. Below are the steps to log in to a Ubee Router And Access The Setup Page.

Things you will be needing to have access on the Ubee web interface:

  • Ubee router
  • A web browser
  • Access to the network (either LAN cable or Wi-Fi)

Ensure that You are Connected to Your Ubee Router To login to Ubee Router And Access The Setup Page

You have to connect to its network if you want to reach the setup pages of your Ubee router. Connect to the network using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Note: In case you don’t know the password of your Ubee router, you can try connecting it through an ethernet cable and you will be connected to the network without requiring any password.

Go to the Web Browser and Navigate to

Open the web browser and enter the router’s IP address into the address field. is the most common IP address of the Ubee routers.
In case it didn’t work then search for the default Ubee IP address for your model.

Enter the Username and Password for Your Ubee Router

  • Enter your current username and password in the username and password field and then click on enter or sign in.    
  • In case you don’t remember the credentials, next check for the default username and password and if you are sure about the changed settings then you would be required to reset your Ubee router.
  • You can also check for them on the label of your Ubee router at the back of it.
  • Now you are ready for the configuration change you want to perform on your device.

Steps to Configure Your Ubee Router To Log in to a Ubee Router And Access The Setup Page

  • You can now change the settings you want as you have been logged in into the Ubee admin interface.
  • You might as well break the network while configuration process.

Steps to Proceed in Case of the Network Breaks While a Configuration Change-

  • As discussed above, you can always go back if in case some of your changes broke the Ubee home network by following the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick.
  • You can always use this method to get back to the factory default settings. (But for that you need to note down the changes you made to get back to the old one).

Steps to Reset Ubee Router

Step 1 : While your Ubee router is on, press and hold the reset button that you will find at the backside of your router for 30 seconds.

Step 2 : While you hold the reset button, disconnect the router and still hold the reset button for the next 30 seconds.

Step 3 : Again while holding the reset button, turn the power on and hold the button for another 30 seconds.

Step 4 : Your Ubee router is now reset to its factory default settings.

We hope the above article helped you to log in to a Ubee Router And Access The Setup Page.

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