What is Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords

Hello, Please let me know that what is Ubee Router default usernames & passwords. I am not finding login details of this router. Help me.
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Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords:

Any time you are wanting to change or modify the settings of your router, you require its default login credentials. Don't you agree? Keeping the fact in mind you always need actual credentials to log in. When it comes to Ubee users, you need Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords. 

Unfortunately, there are times when you forget the default or modified username and password. To ease and make the process convenient for you in finding Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords, we have this useful guide for you. For the majority of Ubee routers. the default username is user and a default password is user. While the default IP of Ubee routers is

Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords are required when you perform login to the admin console through a web browser installed on your system.  While doing admin login, some credentials don't work and so might fail to login. 

As a consequence, you stay unauthorized for making any router setting configuration. Therefore, these router details are always needed when you want to log in to the web admin interface. However, there are some router models that don't follow the standards, you can check in the table below.

The below table gives you the necessary instructions on what to do in case you forget your Ubee router password, need to reset your Ubee router to its factory default password, or when the password reset process doesn't work.

Important Tip: You can simply press ctrl+f (or cmd+f on Mac) in order to quickly search for your model number.

  • DDW2600 : : user/user    
  • U10C019 : : user/user
  • U10C022 : : user/user    
  • UBC1302-BA00 : : user/Broadcom

What if you Forget Your Ubee Router Password?

Have you changed the username and/or password of your Ubee router and forgotten what you changed it to? Not to worry as all router machines come with Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords.

This is the default factory set password that you can revert anytime by following the instructions below.

Quick Steps to Reset Ubee Router to the Default Password

Once you have decided to revert your Ubee router to its factory defaults, start by doing the 30-30-30 reset using the following steps:

Step 1 : When your Ubee router is powered on, simply press and hold the reset button at least for 30 seconds.

Step 2 : While continuously pressing the reset button for some time, unplug the power of the router and hold the reset button for the next 30 seconds.

Step 3 : While still holding the reset button downside, turn on the unit again and hold it for another 30 seconds.

Step 4 : By now, your Ubee router should get reset to its brand new factory settings. With the help of a table, you can see the table where the username and password is mostly user. 

Step 5 : If in case, the factory reset didn't work, then straightaway check the Ubee 30 30 30 factory reset guide.

Note: Do remember to modify the Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords for increasing the security of your router after the factory reset, as the default passwords are known to every other user over the web.

What to do When you are Unable to Access Ubee Router Using the Default Password?

The only thing you need to make sure that you have correctly followed the reset instructions correctly as the Ubee routers should always refer to their factory default settings when reset. 

In the other case, you are always covered with the risk that your router is damaged and might need to be repaired or replaced in the future.

We hope this guide for Ubee Router Default Usernames & Passwords is helpful to the users.

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