How to Set up Port Forwarding on Draytek Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to set up port forwarding on Draytek router. I have no idea about that how to do that. Help me.
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Set up Port Forwarding on Draytek Router:

Port Forwarding is rather considered necessary when it comes to allowing games to be played on your computer in light of excessive firewall protection blocking several ports and thereby hindering seamless internet connection. You would get astonished to know that your Draytek router comes with a built-in feature of “Port Blocking” to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal internet connection.

Friends, I recently observed that my Draytek router for establishing certain security considerations did not allow a port for facilitating seamless internet connectivity to fix which I managed to execute an activity called “Port Forwarding”.

After this unique activity of executing “Port Forwarding”, I would like to insist that for a better gaming experience using your Draytek router you should also “set up Port Forwarding on the Draytek router”.

The procedure to “set up Port Forwarding on Draytek router” is simple and easy and is enshrined in this quick user guide. So, just peruse this user-friendly guide to know slightly more about how to “set up Port Forwarding on Draytek router”.

Setting up a Static IP Address to “Set up Port Forwarding on Draytek Router” 

Step 1 - The first step to “set up Port Forwarding on Draytek router” is to establish a static IP address within the device that you wish to forward the port to. This action will ensure opening the relevant port even when your device is in restart mode.

Logging to your Draytek router to move one step forward in a bid to “set up Port Forwarding on Draytek router”

Step 2 - The next step is to log in with your credentials on your Draytek router. The web interface of the Draytek router is pretty interactive wherein you just have to punch in relevant details using a preferred internet browser.

Step 3 - Simply prefer launching your preferred internet browser followed by navigating to find the address bar.

Step 4 - Now in the address bar simply punch in your Draytek router’s IP address which is better known as your computer’s default port and press the Enter button. Please note that in the normal scenario your computer’s IP address is

Step 5 - If you don’t find the Username and Password window as desired then you must check for the correct IP address. Thereafter, you need to enter “admin” as the default username and “password” as the default password.

Navigating to Find the Port Forwarding Section

Step 6 - The ultimate thing you are required to do at this point in time is to click on the NAT link being displayed on the pane shown leftwards.

Step 7 - Please note that as soon as you click on the NAT link you will also see the “Port Redirection” option at which you just have to give a simple click.

Step 8 - The next that you must be doing is the Index Number link close to the middle of the web page.

Step 9 - Now focus on the “Mode” drop-down menu which will showcase two different options by choosing either of which you can prefer forwarding the desired port. If you wish to forward a series of ports then simply click on “Range” else click on “Single” in case of forwarding a single port.

Finally, Acting to Create a Port Forwarding Entry 

Step 10 - First choose either “Range” or “Single” from the “Mode” drop-down menu.

Step 11 - Now try to name the action by putting a name in the “Service Name” box. Though, this is not going to have any effect on the port forwarding function.

Step 12 - Now switch to selecting the relevant “Protocol Type” for the port you are willing to forward using the “Protocol Box”.

Step 13 - Going ahead just choose “All” from WAN-IP drop-down box.   

Step 14 - Now enter or choose the port you wish to forward in the Public or Private port segment.

Step 15 - Now in the private IP box just enter the IP address or four desired devices that you wish to forward your port to.

Step 16 - Finally, click on “Done” when you have configured the relevant settings.

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