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How to Setup Galaway Wifi Extender?

Please let me know that how to setup Galaway wifi extender. I bought this new extender but dont know how to setup it. Help me.
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Setup Galaway Wifi Extender:

Strong internet signals in one’s home are always desirable. And, to have seamless internet connectivity extending to the length and breadth of your home, you can set up Galaway WiFi Extender. I installed Galaway WiFi Extender by following simple steps to improve the signal and strength of my home internet connection.

Setting up Galaway WiFi Extender will facilitate seamless internet connectivity in your entire home which can be executed possibly in three different ways. Here is a quick guide that will throw light on how to set up or set up Galaway WiFi Extender from the perspective of all three different ways.

Installing the Galaway WiFi Extender Using the WPS Button

In order to connect your Galaway WiFi extender without a password or wire, you must simply adhere to the following step-by-step procedure.

Step 1 - As the first step you must track down the WPS button on the rear side of your WiFi router.

Step 2 - Long press the WPS button of your WIFi router for a couple of seconds.

Step 3 - Now pick your Galaway WiFi Extender up and press the WPS button for almost 40 seconds and then wait for the next 30 seconds so that your Galaway WiFi Extender gets eventually paired up with your WiFi router.

Step 4 - The Extender light will turn on after a few seconds after which you should check the SSID of your Galaway Extender being shown on your WiFi router.

Step 5 – Finally connect your Galaway WiFi Extender using Service Set Identifier and check whether your internet is working.

Set up your Galaway WiFi Extender with Your Personal Computer

The other way to set up Galaway WiFi Extender and pair it with your WiFi router is by using the default SSID and password.

Following the below-mentioned process to get this executed.

Step 1 - Galaway signal booster can act as an access point by means of which you will actually get 1 Wireless Access Network and 1 Local Area Network port in the device.

Step 2 - Now you can connect with the PC by connecting through the wire or using the default SSID name “Galaway” to connect via WiFi.

Step 3 - Moving forward, simply open the home page of your internet browser and type http:/ or Galaway wifi extender website http://ap.setup to log in for the Galaway WiFi Extender.

Step 4 - Now in order to run the setup wizard, type “admin” as the default password.

Step 5 - Now start the setup wizard to scan and find all the available WiFi networks.

Step 6 - Then choose your specific WiFi and punch in the WiFi key.

Step 7 - Click on the Next button and name the Galaway extender name in the subsequent steps.

Step 8 – Accomplish the wizard by saving the settings and rebooting the extender.

Set up your Galaway WiFi Extender by Pairing it with your Mobile’s WiFi

There is yet another way of configuring your Galaway ac1200 Extender using your mobile’s WiFi.

Just follow the quick procedure enlisted hereunder to get this done.

Step 1 - Open your phone’s WiFi settings and find relevant networks by a quick scan.

Step 2 - While using your mobile, enter “Galaway” as the default name.

Step 3 - Now launch the web browser from your phone, and access http:/ or http://ap.setup page and click on OK subsequently.

Step 4 - You will see the Galaway Login page, type “admin” as the password in the space prompted for the password.

Step 5 - Now open the WiFi wizard and search for the available networks.

Step 6 - Select the preferred WiFi networks and move forward to create Extender’s SSID.

Step 7 - Click on Finish and check whether the internet connection has been set up

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