How To Setup TP Link?

I have an TP link router. I am unable to setup. Please help me. Thanks

Step 1: Login the web management page.

Step 2: Go to Dynamic DNS. Situation 1 - If you DO have account from please go to Step 10 Situation 2 - If you DO NOT have account from please follow Step3 to Step10 to create a new account first.

Step 3: Click on Go to register and you will be redirected to It will open the home page of NO-ip.

Step 4: Scroll down this home page to the very bottom and click Sign Up for Free

Step 5: Type in the required information (Username, Email, Password) to create a new account. Then click Free Sign Up at the bottom of this page.

Step 6: No-IP will send a confirmation mail to your email box which contains an activation link. Go to your mail box and check the mail.

Step 7: After click the activation link you will be able to login use your username and password.

Step 8: After login in choose Add a Host.

Step 9: You can then choose a free DDNS domain you like from the drop-down list. For example you can choose Then create a Hostname for the DDNS. Then scroll down this page and click Add Host. You will see the created host in the list.

Step 10: After got a DDNS domain name and account you can go to the router's web management page to configure DDNS. After click Login button you will see Connection Status becomes successful.

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Most cases you should be able to connect to the internet for the first time by simply resetting your modem/router. But sometimes it may not work so if you have a TP Link Modem follow these steps and you should be up and running:

Step 1 : Type in in your browser.

Step 2 : Enter default username and password for the modem Username: admin Password: admin

Step 3 : Click on Quick Start then Run Wizard.

Step 4 : Click Next.

Step 5 : Select the Time Zone as shown below and hit Next.

Step 6 : Select PPPoE/PPPoA and hit Next.

Step 7 : Enter in your Flip Username and Password Your username is your Flip account number with after it. And the password you chose when you signed up. e.g. Username: Then click next.

Step 8 : Hit Next You are all ready to start browsing the internet.

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How To Setup TP Link

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