Why Device is Blocked by Access Control in the Router

Hello, Please let me know that why device is blocked by access control in the router. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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It is a common problem when the device gets blocked by access control in the router. The problem does not occur for one specific reason, as multiple Windows users have reported this problem. It occurs due to the access control limits which restrict a user from accessing the internet. When the access control is set to the allowlist mode, the problem may also occur.

To fix the problem, consider changing the IP address of any of the devices, turning off the access control, and performing a reset on the router. You can also power cycle the router.

Here are Some Solutions Device is Blocked by Access Control in the Router:

Solution 1: Disable Access Control

The access control blocks the device by looking at its IP address. In case access control is enabled from your router device, which has been particularly blocked, then you can resolve your problem by disabling access control.

As we all know that every router device is different in terms of build, which is why the enabling and disabling process is different for every router model. However, the steps to disable access control are somewhat same.

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to carry out to remove the restriction by going to the access control menu. 

Step 1: First of all, launch your internet browser After that, enter the IP address of your router in the location bar. This way you will be able to access the settings using a different PC. 

Step 2: Once the login screen opens up before you, enter your login credentials. In case you don't have a decided password, then you can enter admin in both username and password section. 

Step 3: Now, move to the advanced menu and then search for the Security tab. Go to the menu of Access Control. You have the choice to either remove your device from blacklist or disable the access control feature.

In case the Access Mode is on the Whitelist mode, then you will be required to allow the device to get rid of the error message. 

Step 4: Now in the last step, you are required to save the changes made and check if the device has been blocked by access control in the router issue has been resolved or not. If the problem gets solved, then great. If not, then you can fix this problem by applying the next solution. 

Solution 2: Reset your Router

The best way to resolve the device is blocked by access control in the router issue is to bring your router back to the factory default settings. After the completion of the reset process, you are required to wait for a while. Then, you will login one more time. There, you will get to know that all the devices connected are not blocked anymore. 

To factory reset your router, all you have to do is to press the reset button given at the back of your router. Keep on pressing the button for the next 10 seconds or more. Release the button when LED lights start flashing. Blinking of LED lights indicate that the reset process has beeen successfully completed.

You must not forget that in some devices, you can only press the reset button by using a needle. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that this preset process involves resetting of login credentials. Mostly, the credentials are reset to the default username and password. 

So, these are the two slutions that you can apply to fix the problem of device blocked by access control in the router. In case, the above two solutions don't help you overcome the issue, then you can try bypassing the modem access control.

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  •   April 17, 2024