Why Is My Buffalo Router Not Working Right?

Out of nowhere the internet stop working. I went on settings and the network name didn't show up. It doesn't show up in any device that had the wireless internet connection. Please help.

Fix Buffalo Router Not Working Issue:

Power cycling your Modem and Router might help:

  1. Save all your current work close all open applications then shut down your computer. Wait for a minute.
  2. First turn your Router off and wait for a couple of minutes.
  3. Turn off your modem.
  4. Disconnect all the ethernet cables that are connected to the router and modem and the PC.
  5. Reconnect them and ensure that there are no loose connections in between them.
  6. Now switch on your PC and let it boot.
  7. Switch on the modem first and after it gets initialized switch on the router.

Why Is My Buffalo Router Not Working Right

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