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Is there anyone who knows about the default IP address for some home network routers? I am facing some issues in this. Help me. Default IP Address for Some Home Network Routers- Default IP Address for various home broadband routers, including most Belkin models and Edimax, Siemens, and SMC devices. WHEN ORIGINALLY SOLD, this IP address is pre-configured on particular brands and models, although any router or computer can use it on a local network.

Connecting to a Router using

To access the router's administrative console and configure its settings, all routers require an IP address. Most home routers include a wizard-like interface that leads you through the setup process, so you may never need to access these settings.

However, you may need to enter the router's console if you have difficulty installing the router or if you want to perform some sophisticated setup.

If your router uses the IP address, use a web browser to log in to the router console from your local network:


A home router prompts the user for an administrator username and password after it is connected. This username and password combination is configured at the manufacturer and is used during the initial login. After the router is set up, it should be changed to something more secure.

Some home internet providers that sell routers and other networking equipment to individuals have a function that allows administrators to type a nice name instead of the IP address into the web browser. Belkin, for example, provides:

  • http://router

How to Troubleshoot Router Login Issues-

If the browser answers with an error similar to "This webpage is not available," the router is either offline — disconnected from the network — or unable to react due to a technical failure. To re-establish your router connection, follow the steps below.

Note: It's also conceivable that you're connected to the wrong network, which frequently happens with Wi-Fi. It's possible that you typed the wrong IP address or that something similar is going on. Double-check that you're going to the correct IP address.


Make that the ethernet cable connecting the router and modem is in excellent working order and firmly seated. Check the cord that connects the device to the router on non-wireless routers.


Check the LED lights on the router to make sure the appropriate indicator lights are turned on. Most routers, for example, use an internet LED, wireless LED, and a numbered LED to indicate which port the computer is connected to display the connection status.

To check that all connections are valid, compare them to the manufacturer's user guide.


This is how you can re-establish your connections:

Step 1: Switch the router off. You can either unhook it from the wall or find a power switch on the back.

Step 2: Turn the router back on after 15-30 seconds.

Step 3: Make another attempt to connect. Continue to Step 4 if you still can't.

Step 4: Your computer should be restarted.

Step 5: Reconnect and try again.

If you're still having problems connecting to the router's administrative console, contact the manufacturer.

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  • Default IP Address for Some Home Network Routers Default IP Address for Some Home Network Routers

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