Can I Connect My Google Nest WiFi To My Existing Router

Please let me know that connect my Google Nest wifi to my existing router. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Connect My Google Nest WiFi To My Existing Router:

It would be ideal for people who simply purchase a Nest point and then connect it to my existing router in order to extend my WiFi range and, hopefully, gain access to Google's features. A Google Nest WiFi Router can be connected to an existing router.

However, because the network is routed to devices via the Google Nest WiFi router, this is not recommended. When actually buying a Google Nest WiFi setup, it can be difficult to notice, but the most popular packages have to include one Search engine router as well as yet another or more nest points.

Listings on popular online retailers like Amazon only show these special offers, giving the impression that a Nest WiFi point can only be purchased as a component of an entire deal.

However, Google has peacefully listed additional Nest locations at $149 each, which makes a huge difference if you're looking to extend the range of your WiFi.Connect My Google Nest WiFi To My Existing Router.

Nest Points cannot be Used Directly with Non-Google or Nest Routers.

Because Google's Nest WiFi points are designed to communicate with Google's Nest WiFi routers, they cannot be connected to your existing WiFi router. Getting a WiFi point just to connect to your non-Google router is not a viable option.

Unfortunately, It was unable to find a workaround for such a direct connection. Connecting your existing router to Google Nest WiFi Points is possible by connecting the points to a Google Router, which is then connected to your router.

However, you can improve speed and connectivity by using a high-quality modem for Google Nest WiFi. A modem and a router are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle distinction between the two that is critical in this case.


Google Nest WiFi is a fantastic mesh WiFi solution that checks all the boxes while also providing some advanced Google smart home features such as Google Assistant. Unfortunately, the Nest WiFi router is required for the mesh network to function properly.

This renders your current, expensive router inoperable. However, for the price, the Nest WiFi router is quite well-equipped. If you must have WiFi 6, you can choose the Nest WiFi Pro, which supports WiFi 6E.

Its feature set and compatibility with Google Home are its main selling points, and these are what set it apart from the c ompetition.

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  •   December 21, 2023