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Can Two Routers Be Used on the Same Home Network?

Please let me know that can two routers be used on the same home network. I am trying to do this but fail. Help me.
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Two Routers Be Used on the Same Home Network:

In a large home accessing the internet from a single router might not be a great idea as the internet reach of a single router is generally limited. Hence, you should connect the other router with the first one to harness multiple value-added benefits of seamlessly accessing the internet using two routers.

Initially, I also remained suspicious whether can two routers be used on the same home network, but by undertaking some simple research I realized that two routers being used on the same home network can provide you with several benefits.

So, here is a quick that you can always refer to before initiating the task of adding two routers on the same home network.

Provides Support to More Wired Devices

A limited number of Wi-Fi devices can be supported on a single router if it happens to be belonging to the wired Ethernet category. To add muscle to the existing network, an additional router can provide more Ethernet ports for more and more computers to join the home internet network.

Supports a Combination of Wired and Wireless Internet Network Setup

If your existing home network is based on a wired Ethernet setup, an additional router can actually provide a leeway for several other external Wi-Fi devices to get connected in the Wi-Fi mode without having any need to enforce any modifications to the wired Ethernet.

This way the additional router can enhance the internet connectivity and capability to the home network.

Enhance the Reach of the Wireless Connectivity

This perhaps is the prime benefit of having two routers be used on the same home network as your internet experience in any corner of your home will be very effective and reception of signals will be very strong in the entire premises.

Isolating the Network

Many a time, you may be using certain specific computers or laptops more frequently that may be consuming more internet data (due to LAN gaming or large office file transfers) and may also be affecting the internet access to other computers.

In such a scenario, using another router may help you provide equitable data and internet access to all your computers and Wi-Fi devices.

However, adding the other router to the existing home network requires you to choose a perfect location for fixing the router. You should also remember that the routers may be put or installed in the right orientation.

After you have installed it in the right direction and orientation, you must configure the right IP settings along with properly enforcing the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for distributing the IP address to all the connected devices.

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