Failed to Obtain IP Address: How to Fix an IP Configuration Failure on Android

Please let me know Failed to Obtain IP Address how to Fix an IP Configuration Failure on Android. Help me.
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"Failed to Obtain IP Address": How to Fix an IP Configuration Failure on Android -

This announcement often appears when you attempt to join any Wi-Fi network, despite it being your home network. The network router cannot provide your Android phone with an IP address. For some reason, your Android device may show this error when attempting to connect to a network. 

The most frequent reason for the error is a problem with the router. A router malfunction is blamed for the connection problem, or your device was deliberately blocklisted. It's also possible that your Android device's network hardware or software is malfunctioning or unusable. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot, working your way from the most probable causes to the improbable hypotheses.

How to Correct an Error Due to IP Configuration Failure

The router should be the first place to look for problems because it is typically the router that causes this error. You can start troubleshooting your personal Android device once you've established that the router isn't the problem.

Ask the network owner you are using to take the MAC filter off your device if you are using it. Additionally, they should ensure that no parental controls have been set up to prevent your device from connecting to the internet. Ensure both functions are disabled for your Android device if the network and router are yours by logging in as a network administrator to your router.

Check to see whether the router's built-in firewall is unintentionally causing problems. There's a risk that an individual recently enabled or modified the wireless router's built-in firewall if you're not the only one getting the "Failed to Obtain IP Address" issue. It's also conceivable that the firewall program has ceased to function correctly. Check to verify if the router firewall is turned on, then try turning it off to see if the issue is fixed.

Modify the network encryption on your router. AES and TKIP encryption are known to cause issues with specific devices if the router is currently set up to use them. Usually, switching to WPA2-PSK network encryption fixes those problems.

Restarting the router will re-initialize the internal software and clear any potential cache issues if everything on the router appears to be in order. Reset the router if restarting does not resolve the issue, and several users continue to see the same error when attempting to join the wireless network.

Check to see whether the issue is with your Android phone. It's time to start looking into troubleshooting your Android device if you've tried all of the router options listed above and you're still getting the "Failed to Obtain IP Address" issue on your Android.

Making your Android forget its network connection will serve as a reset, so try that first. After this, you can reconnect your Android device to the Wi-Fi network. Although this is considered your "first time" connecting to the network, you must enter the network password according to your device. 

Activate Airplane mode, wait about a minute, and then deactivate it. Turn off Wi-Fi and check if your phone can access the internet via cellular data. Find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your neighbourhood and try connecting if that works. If you can link and access the internet, you can be sure the problem isn't with your phone. The network does it.

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