Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting: How to Fix

Please let me know that How to fix Google WiFi Point Not Connecting. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Fix Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting:

Switching to Google Nest Wi-Fi can drastically improve internet connectivity throughout your home but you might get to witness the “Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting” issue on and off due to one of many technical causes associated with the Google Wi-Fi Point malfunction.

In this regard here is a compilation of several do-it-yourself tricks that can possibly help you troubleshoot issues pertaining to the non-functioning of Google Wi-Fi Point.

1 - A Comprehensive Power Cycle can help Initiate the Troubleshooting

If you Power Cycle your router, device, and Google Wi-Fi Point it can help you restore the seamless internet connectivity, but this requires adhering to a common set of procedures that can take the process of Power Cycling to completion.

Step 1 - Eliminate the power supply from all the gadgets by switching them off.

Step 2 - Then unplug all the cables and leave the devices in the unplugged state for a while.

Step 3 - When a few minutes elapse, plug the cables back into relevant ports and points and turn on the devices.

Step 4 - Finally, check whether the internet connectivity to the far-dead zone of your home or office has been extended.     

2 - A Check on Connecting Cables Happens to be the Secondary Solution

Routers, Google Wi-Fi Point, and Devices are all connected via Power or Ethernet cables to ensure that a secured connection remains intact. However loose or damaged cables can seriously hamper the overall integration of devices and gadgets and can really cause the “Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting” issue to materialize.

So, before you try other troubleshooting tips just check the physical condition of the cables and end up finding a replacement for any damaged cables.

3 - Hardwiring and a Subsequent Pairing can also Work

Another very simple fix for the “Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting” issue is to hardwire all the ancillary Google Wi-Fi Points with the primary router. This hardwiring is to be done before positioning the Google Wi-Fi Points to their respective places followed by executing the Initial Setup Mechanism.

You can then pair your router with Google Wi-Fi Points using the Google Home Application which would possibly take care of any persistent issues related to Google Wi-Fi Point.

4 - Resetting your Google Wi-Fi can Still Work Your way Through  

If nothing seems to be working so far to address the “Google Wi-Fi Point Not Connecting” issue, you can resort to effectuate a Factory Reset on Google Wi-Fi Point. This resetting activity can be facilitated using the Google Home App. Alternatively; Google also recommends using the Reset Button on the Google Wi-Fi Point if for any reason resetting cannot be done through the Google Home App.

Here is the Process that Prescribes How You can Cause the Hard Reset to Happen.

Step 1 - Long press the Factory Reset button available on your Google Wi-Fi Point.

Step 2 - Continue to wait for at least five seconds for allowing the Reset process to initialize.

Step 3 - Further, keep pressing the Reset button for the next ten seconds to hear a sound indicating that the Hard Reset on your Google Wi-Fi Point is underway.

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  •   January 22, 2024