How do I Change My Routers IP Address

Hello, Please let me know that how do i change my routers IP address. I want to change it. But don't know how to change router IP address.

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Change Routers IP Address:

Router is a networking device which is used to forward data packets between computer networks. A router might get connected to two or more data line from the different IP network.

Change my routers ip address will enhance the security of your internet network. Manufacturer uses a basic IP address which is which is used to access your router web interface or login page.

On changing the IP address of your router, the unwanted guest needs username and password for accessing the network and customized IP address also.

Change My Routers IP Address:

Step 1 : First you open any installed web browser and type the following address in the address bar. The default router IP address is and presses enter.

Step 2 : Upon entering this router IP address in the address bar, you will get login window where you need to enter your credentials like username and password. Upon entering username and password, you need to click on the login button.

Step 3 : Now you need to click on the setup option and thereafter network settings.

Step 4 : Now under the router settings, you need to type the router’s new IP address and subnet mask . The Router IP address which is configured here is the IP address which is used to access the router web console or web interface, which is used to change the router's settings etc. so if you change the Router IP address here, so you may need to change your personal computer network settings to accessing this network again.

Step 5 : Now click on the save setting and apply the necessary changes and wait for the router to reboot . Now check that the changes took effect by using your new IP to access your router settings page.

There are Some FAQ’s Which are Related with Changing the Router IP Address of Any.

How to Fix WI-Fi does not Have Any Valid IP Configuration Problem.

  • First you need to renew and release your IP address
  • Now reset TCP/IP
  • Thereafter uninstall the wireless adapter driver
  • Now set your IP address manually
  • Thereafter you need to perform clean boot operation
  • Uninstall any antivirus if you have installed on your computer because antivirus prevent configuration
  • Thereafter increase the number of DHCP User
  • Now update the network adapter

How to Change IP Address of My TP Link Router:

  • First open any type of installed web browser on your system and type the following address which is in the browser address bar and then press enter. The default IP address is differ from the model. To find the exact model, you need to see the router’s label which is located at the bottom of the router. There after you need to type the username and password which is written on the label of the product.
  • Now select network option and thereafter LAN which is located at the left side of the menu
  • Now you need to change the IP address to the preferences and thereafter click on
    the save option
  • After changing the IP address, you are required to type the new router IP address into the web-browser to log in the router.

How can I Change the IPV4 Address or How do I Set a Static IP Address

  • First you need to click on the start button then go into the control panel thereafter network and sharing center and select internet then again choose network and sharing center
  • Thereafter click on the change adapter setting
  • Now right click on the Wi-Fi or local area connection
  • Thereafter click on the properties
  • Now you will get two options which are ipv4 or ipv6. So you have to select ipv4 option
  • Now click on the properties
  • Then select the use of the following IP address
  • Now enter router IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS Server
  • Click on OK button and your computer display static IP address.

When the data packet comes in on one of the lines, then the router reads the network address information from the packet header to determine the ultimate destination. This is the functionality and working of the router.

Every network has its own username and password for avoid the unauthorized access of the network. Sometimes the network might be hacked due to stealing the username and password. But if you adopt two layer security like you use username and password for the network with changing the router IP address for your network.

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