How do I Reset My Medialink Router

Hello, Please let me know that how do I reset my MediaLink router. I am facing some issue while using MediaLink router. I want to reset it but don't know how to do it. Help me.

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Reset MediaLink Router : Medialink Router Troubleshooting

Reset MediaLink Router to Factory Defaults. You can do it very easily without any hard work reset your remote Wifi router. You have to reset your wireless router to the factory default settings on the remote possibility that you have forgotten your router client name or secret word. Furthermore, you should restart your gadget in case your router does not work properly.

Here in this post, we will discuss how to reset MediaLink router back to the factory default agreement the MediaLink. There is a possibility that the secret key has been ignored or potentially access to the MediaLink router is prohibited or setup has been done imprecisely, resetting back to the factory default settings can help. And moreover, offer how-to change the router remote secret key.

The Contrast Amongst Reset MediaLink Router and Reboot:

Most importantly, there is a huge difference between resetting a router and restarting a router. Restart suggests, cycle the ability to Router or Refresh the router.

Resetting contains changing the router settings back to its factory defaults. Perhaps you have ignored the secret word of your MediaLink router and now you have to Reset my MediaLink Router. First, you have to do harsh reset the Router then you can use the default secret key to receive your router.

Once You Reset Medialink Router, the Associated Settings will be Changed:

  • MediaLink Router username and watchword
  • Wi-Fi username and secret key
  • ISP IP locations and DNS
  • Any firewall settings you have made
  • Any port forwards you have set up
  • Over and large, one design or settings changes that you have made to your router.

Guidelines to Medialink Router Troubleshooting with Button:

Take the following steps to reset my MediaLink router button.

  • To perform a factory reset, turn on the MediaLink Router and place a paper clasp or pin into space on the back of the Router having name Reset.
  • Then hold paper clasp or bind for ten to fifteen sec and release.
  • The final step is that the router will restart itself. When the WLAN light stops blinking, it is finally reset.
  • If it’s not too much trouble Note, Resetting the MediaLink router does not reset the firmware to a prior adaptation. It will just change all settings back to factory defaults.

Default MediaLink Router Login, Password and IP:

  • Once your router has been reset, it returns to its factory defaults Settings.
  • IP address:
  • Username: administrator
  • Secret word: administrator
  • Or on the other hand observe posterior of your gadget.

Guidelines to Reset MediaLink Router from Admin Control Panel:

To login into your router MediaLink MWN-APR150N, you have to know the IP address of the router. So now it is set to login to your router. You can use any internet web browser (Firefox and Chrome) to login to the Router. To login to your router, you can browser like Firefox and chrome.

First interface your router to PC with RJ45 Cat5 or Cat6 link? Now you can log in with your credentials which is now available. Now you can reset your router once you are logged in.

Guidelines to Medialink Router Troubleshooting:

Further restarting a router suggests cycling the ability to it or revives the router. In case you need to restart your router, follow the given steps.

  • First thing to do disconnect the power connector from the back of the MediaLink router and connect it back.
  • Moreover sit tight over 20 seconds for the router to restart.
  • Alternatively your web association might be drop when your remote router is restarted. On the other chance that somebody is utilizing a PC on your system to get to the web; you might need to caution them.

Understanding the issue:

To reset a router back to its default is an extreme measure. But this is a mandatory step when you are not able to access your router. Also, it is one of the ways to access your router in case you forgot your router password.

Before resetting your router to the factory please make sure that no password works including the default password. To find the default password you can use a router check.

Vendor Documentation-

Recommendation: Please refer to the documentation to know how to fix problems related to the download the router’s documentation you can use the vendor’s website.

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