How Many Orbi Mesh Points Do You Need

Is there anyone who knows How many Orbi mesh points do you need. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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How Many Orbi Mesh Points Do You Need:

Imagine having seamless internet connectivity all across the length and breadth of your home, and you would certainly want to get the Orbi internet equipment and solutions installed in your home. In the most sophisticated offering, Orbi has introduced the all-new Orbi Mesh Satellites that work tremendously well and help you remove dead zones in your home by providing seamless internet connectivity.

Friends, I was not aware of the latest Orbi Mesh Points that can easily pair up with the Orbi routers and can close the internet connectivity gaps inside your home. So, when I was looking forward to finding a unique solution to improve internet connectivity in my home, I tried installing Orbi Mesh Points by linking them with my router which brought in high-level internet connectivity inside my home.

So, here I take this opportunity to reveal as to whether how many Orbi Mesh Points one needs for dedicated internet connectivity in one’s home by drafting this exquisite user guide which will definitely come in handy for you always.

Ascertaining Whether You Really need Orbi Mesh Points

The requirement of Orbi Mesh Points must be determined by taking into account the dimensions of your home along with the necessity of incurring additional costs.

Let’s begin by considering the dimensions first; If the area of your home is within the range of 1000 square feet then your router will be sufficient enough to provide dedicated internet coverage as the minimum effective range of your router will be 150 feet in the typical 5GHz band provided the doors of all your rooms open in or towards your living room where your router is affixed or installed. This specific situation doesn’t warrant installing any new or extra Orbi Mesh Points as there won’t be any dead zones in your home requiring you to install Orbi Mesh Points.
In case your home’s aggregate dimensions exceed the typical 1000 square-feet area and if you are ready to make a relatively heavy investment then you can go on to install Orbi Mesh Points inside your home with an intent to receive higher effective bandwidths because in this possible scenario of living in the large home there will be many dead zones inside your home eventually calling for installing some equipment or coming in with a solution like Orbi Mesh Points that can really address the connectivity issues, especially in your large home.

Figuring Out How Many Orbi Mesh Points are Required in Different Situations

Orbi Mesh Points tend to eliminate all the dead internet zones in your home by getting exquisitely paired up with your router but how many Orbi Mesh Points you really need is actually determined by the aggregate area of your home and the number of rooms that receive direct bandwidth from your Orbi router with any hindrance or interference.

Here is an illustrative list that is made on the basis of the available area of your home which throws substantial light on the requirement of how many Orbi Mesh Points will actually be effectively providing internet coverage in your given case.

Estimated Dimensions of Your Home

  • Dimensions of the home is 1500 square feet or less
  • If the dimensions of your home are in the 1500-3000 square feet range
  • If the aggregate dimensions are in the 3000 to 550 square feet span
  • In case your home spans a whopping 6000 square feet or more

How Many Routers and Orbi Mesh Points You Probably Need?

  • One router and One Orbi Mesh Point
  • One router and Two Orbi Mesh Satellites
  • One router and Three Orbi Mesh Points
  • You will need one router and at least four Orbi Mesh Points or satellites with the possibility of installing more than four Orbi Mesh Satellites.

Please be aware of the fact that the above are tentative estimates as you will be requiring more Orbi Mesh Points if you reside on the second floor or the third floor in a bid to spread seamless internet connectivity across the length and breadth of your flat, duplex, or home.

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