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How to Add Gigabit Ethernet to a TV Without It?

Is there anyone who knows about how to add gigabit ethernet to a TV without it. I am facing some issues while adding it. Help me.
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Add Gigabit Ethernet to a TV Without It:

The latest TV models from manufacturers have hurriedly been upgraded with quick HDMI 2.1 connectors that can enable 4K gaming at 120Hz in gorgeous HDR. Regrettably, the majority of the same models continue to utilise 100Mb Ethernet connectors. Fortunately, there is a workaround.

Utilize a Cheap USB Ethernet Adapter

The majority of contemporary TVs offer USB connections that let you attach storage devices in addition to HDMI and components inputs. In some situations, free-to-air and satellite television can be immediately recorded to USB using this method, as well as playing video files from just a hard drive and memory stick.

However, you can also utilise these same connections to provide your TV more features, such as gigabit networking with a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. If you wished to quickly boost your networking speeds, you would utilise these affordable adapters on a laptop or desktop computer.

The most crucial inquiry to make is whether a specific USB adaptor will function with your TV. The Cable Matters USB 3.0 to Add Gigabit Ethernet to a TV without It has been shown to work on the most recent LG and Sony models by Vincent Teoh of HDTV Test in a YouTube video, however if you own a different brand or wish to use another adapter, it could be worthwhile doing some online research.

Gigabit Ethernet on a TV: Why Bother?

The majority of modern TVs offer both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networking, however, Wi-Fi is infamously unreliable. Although 5GHz networks offer a theoretical maximum speed of 1300Mb/sec, performance during actual use can vary widely. In this aspect, Ethernet is much more dependable.

Not everyone has the money for a mesh router system, but not everyone can place their wireless router in the best location. Ethernet continues to be the fastest and most dependable option in a lot of real-world circumstances. Since the majority of TVs have a 100Mb/sec bandwidth cap, performance may decrease.

Local streaming performance may also be affected, which could limit performance not just online. Running a media server for video streaming over the local network may provide challenges, especially for content of 4K as well as HDR formats.

Most Streaming Boxes are Capable of Gigabit Speeds

However, this problem mainly affects TVs directly. You might be able to enhance the performance of the native TV apps by connecting a gigabit networking adapter on your TV. Gigabit networking is built into several streaming devices, including the Apple TV 4K (but sadly not the Google Chromecast Ultra). This includes gaming devices such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series devices.

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