How to Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router?

Please let me know that how to assign a static IP address to your Xbox one in your router. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router:

While playing on your Xbox there might have been an issue of joining different multiplayer matches or chats. The issue could be a result of a network having a strict NAT type. Moreover, if there is a dynamic IP it will change every time you restart the console.

By setting a static IP address (one which does not change) can help you access multiplayer matches and different chats easily.  But before you Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router let’s see where and how can you find the IP address of your Xbox. 

Finding your Xbox’s IP address is a simple process. Make sure you have access to your console which is also connected to your network. 

Follow these steps to find the IP address of your Xbox. 

  • Firstly head to the system and click on settings. 
  • Select Network and click on Network settings. 
  • Select Advanced settings. 

Your current IP address will be displayed over the screen towards the right. Additional information will also be available which will enable you to see if voice chat is working properly or not. The Xbox displays a different IP address every time you connect it to the server. 

This is a common feature and does not pose to be a problem. Although you can Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router, setting one is only useful to access advanced features. By assigning a static IP you can access the router’s advanced settings to change the Network address translation also called the NAT to fix connectivity issues of your Xbox one.

In case you are facing connectivity issues, you will be required to forward the ports in the router’s advanced settings. You can get a static IP address from the control depending upon the router. Another alternative would the Xbox itself to get the static IP address. 

To Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router follow the steps given down below. 

Step 1: Get to the Home screen and press the menu button on the controller.

Step 2: Click on settings. 

Step 3: Navigate to Network and then head to the advanced settings option. 

Step 4: Under the IP address section, you will see the IP address list. 

Step 5: Make a note of this number, as it will be required later. 

Step 6: Wired MAC Address or Wireless MAC Address will be visible. Each console is assigned a unique address from the factory itself. Write this 12-digit number separately. 

Step 7: Next, log in to your router and assign this 12 digit number to the IP address you initially found. 

Step 8: After you have assigned your Xbox with a specific IP address, test the connection to make sure it is working properly. 

If you face any issues, make sure you cross-check the IP address and the 12-digit MAC address.

How to Assign a Static IP Address to your Xbox One In Your Router

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