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How to Block a Computer Internet Access from Router?

I need to block a particular computer for internet access from my router. if anybody can provide me with valuable suggestion, i will be obliged.

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Blocking Internet Access from Router:

Internet can be a synonym for lifeline in digital era, for last decade we have seen the increase in internet traffic due to increase in internet users. Tariff plans and other companies providing affordable price have made easier for people to access internet. But there are instances where internet needs to be blocked, it might be for all sites or particularly social sites depending on venue and circumstances.

In offices, people should not be diverted using only phones and browsing feeds, hence some offices have culture to deposit phones and give back after shift. Internet is blocked in case of laptops and desktop provided in offices where employees could open social media and waste their time rather than working as per requirement.

Let us Understand Some Importance of Blocking Internet and Areas Required: -

  1. Exam centers allotted especially computers lab must be checked thoroughly and should just open the exam link and continue the blockage till the exam.
  2. In offices, people might open some websites alternatively that might not only lead to a slow down of the flow of work but might also lead to errors in the important process such as transactions, uploading or downloading of a file.
  3. During business hours, some companies block the internet until some sensitive transactions are completed.
  4. Audit time, companies might block the usage until the audit is being completed and no transaction can be done at that time.

Steps to Block Internet Access from Router:

Router access can be blocked temporarily might be for parental controls and blocking unknown devices or connected devices known as Mac address.

Enabling Parental Controls:

Below are some steps for parental controls of the program on the internet for kids, it might be blockage of adult sites or other sensitive internet programs, steps are as below:

  • Access the router page with software setup that came along with the kit or set up by the internet provider.
  • Select the kid's devices connected to the router and select the timing of restrictions. You can also select the days and at weekends as per your kids’ timetable.

Below Steps are for Limitation on Internet to All Connected Systems or Few Systems:

Step 1 : Go to the control panel and go to internet settings.

Step 2 : Click on the wireless connection.

Step 3 : Click on details of IP address

Step 4 : Go to Router Configuration page and select the pc mac address to be blocked:

Click on the first option and it will block all internet usage on all client PCs connected.

The second option selection will permit internet access only on selected mac address and thus limits internet usage instead of blocking all PCs.

Step 5 : You can rest the settings by clicking on disable the blocking.

Most of the systems restart after settings are changed so that savings can be applied effectively.

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