How to Check If Your Router is Hacked or its DNS Hijacked?

Please let me know that how to check if your router is hacked or its DNS hijacked? I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Check If Your Router is Hacked or its DNS Hijacked:

Internet security is just more than protecting your phone or computer as your Wi-Fi router at your home may get hacked just like it happens in your computer, mobile or any other devices. Router hack can happen to anyone so you must know how to check if your router is hacked or its DNS is Hijacked. Make sure to know the steps you can take to resolve the issue of your network getting hacked via your router. 

Routers are like the directional signs of the internet routing traffic down the correct path as they are placed in between two or more ports of the internet intersect similar to the direction signs with street intersections. It is your router that you are connecting to when you are connecting to Wi-Fi or the internet.

Your router is vital to your home network ability to handle sensitive data and work properly. Every device in your home on the internet is connected to your router so a hacker can theoretically see and control everything you do on the internet and take control of your router.

Where does a Router Get Hacked?

  • If you have enabled remote management
  • If there are vulnerabilities on your network such as weak passwords or outdated software in the router's firmware.

What Happens If Your Router Gets Hacked?

  • Hacker can steal your sensitive data and information
  • You could be the target of DNS hijacking as they can overwrite your DNS setting
  • You may find yourself on the receiving end of DDoS attacks and malware attacks.

Checking if the Router is Hacked or Its DNS Hijacked

You are surely wondering what signs to look out to know if your router is Hijacked or not with all these talks about how dangerous hacked routers can be. Here are the few signs through which you will get to know whether your router is hacked or not.

1. Your Login Credentials might not Work

It is not a good sign when the password you provide is suddenly not working and this is no different when it comes to your router. If your login to the router admin interface or your Wi-Fi password is currently not working then this could be a sign that the hacker has gotten into your router and changed the password to lock you out.

2. Will Find Unknown IP Addresses on Your Network

You should check the list of IP addresses utilising your network if you are logged in to your router's interface as if you see an unknown address, especially a foreign one, then it might be that hacker who has access to your router. So check for any unknown IP addresses on your network.

3. You are Redirected to the Unknown or Unintended Website

This is the sign of a hacked router or DNS hijacking if you are redirected to unintended or unknown websites. It could be a sign of a hijacked router using DNS hacking if you are trying to visit your regular round of websites and keep getting redirected to other websites you weren't intended to visit.

4. Receiving Ransomware Mmessages

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that hackers use to withhold access to your data in exchange for an extortion payment and they can very easily withhold access to your network if a hacker has hacked your router or DNS. 

The FBI  recommends not to pay the ransom demand if you receive any message or email from the hacker demanding payment in exchange for your network and you should contact your nearest FBI field office or report it to

Fixing a Hacked Router

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Reset your router
  • Change your password and login credentials
  • If necessary contact law enforcement
  • Update your firmware
  • Turn off remote management

How to Check If Your Router is Hacked or its DNS Hijacked

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