How to Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Wi-Fi Extender

Please let me know that how to connect an ethernet cable to a WiFi extender. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Wi-Fi Extender:

We face so many technical issues because of a weak internet connection. There are a multitude of ways that can help you improve your internet signal. One of the best ways to boost Wi-Fi signal is to get a wireless extender.

This may seem like a simple solution but there are several things that you need to consider when you decide to improve internet speed using this fix. 

What does a Wi-Fi Extender Do? 

A wireless extender is used to provide Wi-Fi coverage in the dead zones of your house. You keep these extender devices between your router and the place where you want the signal to reach. Basically, an extender rebroadcasts the Wi-Fi signal. 

There are some devices that are out of your wireless router's range. Wireless extenders are used to extend the range of your router. You can connect your extender to the router using an ethernet cable.

However, the internet speed you get after connecting your extender will be limited to the speed of your router. Additionally, users experience more stability issues after connecting an extender. This happens because your extender's signal is less reliable in comparison to your router's signal. 

Does an Extender have an Ethernet Port?

If you are planning to buy a wireless extender or you already have one, then you must have noticed an ethernet port on your router. You can connect your router to this port but you can't directly connect it to your router.

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