How to Connect PSP to WiFi Network?

Please let me know that how to connect PSP to WiFi network? I bought this before some days. Now facing some issues. Help me.

Connect PSP to WiFi Network:

There are many benefits that a user gets by connecting PlayStation Portable to Wi-Fi. It enables you to access websites and web pages. It also allows you to play games online, listen to the radio online, and watch the news channel. 

Here in this article, you are going to learn how to connect PSP to a wireless network. 

Step 1: On your PSP device, launch Settings and then click on Network Settings. 

Step 2: Choose the Infrastructure mode. 

Step 3: Now, choose the option of New Connection. 

Step 4: On your screen, select WLAN settings and then select Scan. 

Step 5: Choose your wireless network name. After that, go to your device and then select the right button. 

Step 6: Press right to confirm the wireless network name. 

Step 7: Go to your Wi-Fi network's security settings and then press the Right button. 

Step 8: Press the button of X for entering the network security password. 

Step 9: Enter the password and then click on the Start button. 

Step 10: Press the right key on the Address Settings screen, enter the connection name screen and WPA key screen. If you want to change the connection name, press X. Enter the name of the network of your choice. 

Step 11: Press right after the Settings list opens up. 

Step 12: Now, save the settings.

How to Connect PSP to WiFi Network

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