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How to connect roku stick to wifi?

Hi, I have changed my router settings to the ones you stated above for DNS1 AND DNS2 and rebooted both devices and still have no luck :( please help.



Roku TV is a smart TV that enabled Roku player and allows us to watch a maximum number of channels.



For connecting Roku Stick to Wi-Fi, follow these steps:-


1. First of all, plug the HDMI cord into the TV. After plugging, turn on the device and immediately you will see an audio/visual on the screen.

2. Next, insert batteries into the Roku remote. Although battery come with Roku remote if you don’t have then use 2 AAA batteries.

3. After this, plug-in your Roku player’s power adapter into the wall outlet. Also, plug the other end of the adapter into Roku Stick.

4.Turn on the TV and immediately you will see a message on the screen. When “Welcome to Roku Player” message displays on the screen, press OK button.


5. Now connect Roku stick to Wi-Fi. Click on your network which you use for other Wi-Fi devices and after that enter your password. The Roku streaming player can automatically detect the nearby wireless networks so you don’t have to change settings. Just turn on Roku Wi-Fi and connect Roku Stick to a wireless connection.


6. Roku player has an amazing feature i.e., automatic download and auto update. After connecting to the internet, all software updates will installed and Roku Player will automatically reboot.

7. After rebooting, you will see a coded message that you have to enter at “”. Here you can sync your Roku account with the device.

I hope that Roku setting issue is resolved now but if you are facing any kind of problem while doing this then call at Roku Technical Support Number.

If you need any help installing Roku then get in touch with Roku Helpline Number.

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