How to Connect Roku Stick to WiFi

Hi, I have changed my router settings to the ones you stated above for DNS1 AND DNS2 and rebooted both devices and still have no luck :( please help.

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Connect Roku to WiFi Without Remote:

Easiest Method for Connecting Roku Stick to WiFi -

Step 1 : First of all, you have to create a Roku account. For this, visit Roku account creation page and then follow on-screen instructions to create your Roku account.

Step 2 : Now, take HDMI cable and connect Roku to the TV. After connecting Roku to TV, you are prompted to a welcome screen where you have to choose your language.

Step 3 : In next step, choose the wireless connection that you are using i.e., wired or wireless.

Step 4 : Now, Roku will automatically detect the best display resolution. During this process, the screen may go blank for a few moments, so don’t worry about this.

Step 5 : Navigate to Roku’s linking site and following onscreen instructions to link your Roku account. Roku gave you an alphabetical code, just use that code to sign into Roku account.

Step 6 : Add your favourite channels, just by clicking on Add button.

Step 7 : Wait for a few moments so that Roku can update channels as well as system software.

That’s all. Now you can enjoy Roku services in a hassle-free way.

Although Roku is a great media player but if Roku is not connecting to WiFi then have a look at these points -

Disable Network Pings Roku

Use Roku remote to open Platform Secret Screen. When Platform Secret Screen get opened, just choose the option “Disable Network Pings”. Now, you can easily connect to your WiFi network.

Update Roku box

If you didn’t find “Disable Network Pings” option then you should understand Roku box needs a software update.

Also, perform these things -

  • Connect to another network

    If Roku is not connecting to your network then use an alternate WiFi network. Take an ethernet cable for connecting Roku to your router.
  • Run Software Update

    Once you are connected to WiFi network then unlock the secret screen and then choose the “Update Software” option. Now, wait for a couple of minutes so that Roku can finish installing procedure. Once, installation gets complete, Roku will reboot automatically.
  • Disable Network Pings Roku

    After updating software, just disable network pings.
  • Connect Roku to WiFi Network

    After disabling network pings, I hope you can easily connect to Roku stick to your WiFi without any problem.

But if any obstacle occurs then contact Roku Technical Support that is available for 24*7 hrs at your service.

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  •   July 31, 2022
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How to Connect Roku Stick to WiFi -

How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote-

Step 1 : First of all, you have to identify connection ports, usually, these ports are located on the backside of Roku device. If your Roku model has ethernet port then it will look like a large phone line connection.

On the other hand, if your Roku device has HDMI port then it will look like an elongated USB connection. If you are using latest Roku model then there will be an optical connection through which you can send audio signals to home theater receiver.

If you are using the older model of Roku then it consists of composite A/V connectors.

Step 2 : After identifying the connection port of Roku device, you have to find out the matching port on your TV too. Usually, you can find these ports on the back of your TV.

Step 3 : If you are using a second-hand Roku then you have to delete the previous settings. For this process, plug Roku device into the power outlet and press the Reset button using a sharp paperclip. 

Press the Reset button for a few moments. By doing this all internal memory will get cleared and you will get a new Roku device.

Step 4 : Now, take an HDMI cable for connecting Roku device to TV. If you don’t have HDMI cable and using composite A/V connectors then make sure you are connecting to right ports.

Step 5 : If you want to connect Roku in a wired connection then take an ethernet cable and insert into Ethernet port of Roku. If you are using Roku in a wired connection then definitely you can experience better steaming, if you live in congested areas.

Step 6 : Next, use the power adapter for connecting Roku to the power outlet. If you purchased the latest model of Roku then two AA batteries also come along with the device. 

Now, remove the battery cover and insert batteries into remote. Once, you have finished this, turn on the TV.

Step 7 : After turning on the TV, choose HDMI/ composite input by using Input button of TV.

Step 8 : Now, you need to pair remote with Roku. For pairing remote, press the “Pairing” button for 10 seconds and wait until Roku device pairs with remote.

Step 9 : Once remote get paired with Roku, choose menu language. After this, start the setup process. For this, press a click on OK button from remote to choose the option “Let’s get started”.

Step 10 : Although an internet connection is needed for Roku to stream videos. Choose “Wireless” option to scan the wireless network that is available near you.

Step 11 : After setting up internet connection, if you are prompted to install available updates then don’t think too much, just install them in a proper way.

Step 12 : Once updates are installed, you have to link Roku device to Roku account. For this process, navigate to “” and enter the code that is displaying on your TV ‘s screen for linking Roku device to Roku account.

If you don’t have Roku account then create it. After setting up Roku account, create an account PIN as this will helpful for you to share Roku with other people and also prevent unauthorized purchases.

Step 13 : Now go to Roku main menu and choose “Streaming Channels” to add channels. After finding your favourite channels, add them to your Home list. To begin browsing with streaming titles, go to Roku main menu and select a channel. Log in to your account and enjoy watching videos.

If any problem arises while connecting Roku stick to wifi without remote then contact to Roku team.

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  •   July 31, 2022