How To Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router

Hello, Please let me know how to connect Verizon mifi to wireless router. I am facing some issues in connecting to wifi. Help me.
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Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router:

Verizon Mifi is a modern solution for today’s internet needs. It offers an uninterrupted and smooth internet service anywhere and any time of the day. As we all know, the internet plays a vital role in today’s world and everyone desires a hassle-free and time-saving feature in their connected devices.

So here’s a guide for you to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router and of course let us also know more about Mifi and its features.

What is MiFi?

MiFi is the portable hotspot device that is already been integrated with the modem. Owning a Mi-fi gives you an ability to have access to the internet anytime and anywhere (even in the low coverage places).

A MiFi is used as a wifi router and users can have access to the internet through various devices. Also, a Mi-fi saves up your device’s battery as you don’t have to turn on your data to use the internet.

A hassle-free, uninterrupted, and wireless internet connection is what a Verizon Mifi is all about. To enjoy a strong wireless internet connection, here we are to guide you to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router.

Steps to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router

Service Activation

Primarily, you would need to contact your Verizon Mifi provider or representative to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router and have access to your internet connection using a personal hotspot feature. Another option for you is to log in to My Verizon account online and get the service activated.

if you have already signed up for the My Verizon Account, you can log in and activate the MiFi services directly on your own. But before that, you have to provide your Verizon provider with your contact details.

Creating a Connection Between Your Device and Computer

Mifi doesn’t have an existing battery in them; so once the process of activating the service is done, you will need to install a battery and make sure to put it on charge before turning it on.

Next, through the box’s USB cable, charge or connect the device with the computer. Once you plug in the USB cable, the hotspot device will switch on automatically and start giving out internet signals.

Device Activation

Now to start with the device activation, go to the computer toolbar and click on the wi-fi indicator once you turn your MiFi ON. The SSID or the MiFi will appear in the available network list.

Next, add the security key and then open the web browser and enter the IP address you will find at the rear side of the hotspot device. On the next screen, click on the activate button, and you will be able to activate the device.


Now if your device or computer system is not connected to the wi-fi then, click on the Wi-Fi status of your computer system and make sure it’s enabled. Remember to check if it's not disabled in order to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router.

Also, make sure that the device from which you intend to turn the hotspot on is fully charged as it may impact the network connection in the whole process.

We hope the above article helped you to Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router.

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