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How to Delete History from Wifi Router?

Is there anyone who knows about how to delete history from Wifi router. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Delete History from Wifi Router:

Most internet users know how to remove surfing history from their devices, but what about cleaning it from the Wi-Fi router as well, so it can't be traced there? Is this even conceivable, and if so, what steps should we take?

Here's a Brief Response:

As a general rule, factory resetting your router wipes all surfing history and is the most convenient approach to delete all data. To remove all history, log into the router settings and clear any system or event logs. As a result, you have two options for clearing history from your router: one that requires you to log into your router and one that does not.

  • By cable or Wi-Fi, connect any device to the router.
  • In any browser address bar, type the IP address of your router.
  •,, or are common IP addresses.
  • Fill in the admin/password fields.
  • Login information may be found on the back of the router.
  • Logs, Event Logs, Administrator Logs, and System Logs may all be found here.
  • Choose the option to clear the log.
  • All of your browsing and event history should be gone immediately.
  • The event log technique is more difficult but more exact, whereas the factory reset method is simpler but cruder and can wipe out other settings you don't want to lose. As a result, let's go through both possibilities in depth so you can decide which one is ideal for you.

Option 1: Delete Your Router's History Log

This is most likely the technically right technique to erase all history from a router, although it does need going into the settings and looking for Logs, System Logs, Event Logs, or anything like. Non-technical users may find this daunting, but it isn't that difficult. Here's how to go into your router's settings in general:

Obtain Router Login Information – Look for a sticker that looks like this on the back of the router: You enter the router settings using the router login/admin/password shown below. Make a list of them. If you don't have physical access to a router, see this page for instructions on how to log in remotely.

Step 2: Access Your Router

In any browser address bar of any device connected to the network, type the default Login IP on the back of the router. or are often used. If everything has been reset and you've lost Wi-Fi connectivity, connect via a network cable or WPS.

Step 3: Locate and Delete Logs

You're searching for Logs, Event Logs, Administrator Logs, System Logs, or anything similar once you've entered the router settings. It might be under the Advanced, Administrator, or System Tools settings, but it varies each router, so you'll have to go through the menus a little to locate it.

It might appear as a jumble of incomprehensible technical "mumbo-jumbo" at times, or it can remain at a very high level, just tracking data packets. Other routers offer features that allow an expert user to go through the logs and discover which devices visited which websites.


It varies widely across routers, but in any case, you should delete all event logs to ensure that any history that is recorded on the router is erased. To accomplish this, you must choose "Clear Log" from the drop-down menu.

To be sure, make sure you pick the option to delete ALL logs. You'll be asked to confirm this in the router interface; click Yes to remove the logs and erase all history.

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