How to Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Your Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to disable wi-fi protected setup (WPS) in your router. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Your Router:

Many routers provide Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS), which allows you to connect to your router without entering its SSID or password. WPS, on the other hand, puts your router exposed to PIN-guessing assaults from hackers. As a result, in some instances, you may want to disable WPS.

We'll go through how to disable WPS as well as the advantages and disadvantages of keeping WPS enabled.

How to Enable/Deactivate WPS

There are two methods for manually enabling and disabling WPS.

If your router supports deactivating WPS, you should be able to do it through the web-based settings interface:

Step 1: To begin, launch your browser.

Step 2: Open the web-based setup interface for your router. You can usually accomplish this by putting your router's IP address into the address bar of your browser.

Follow the Steps Outlined Here to Determine Your IP Address.

Because each router manufacturer has its unique settings interface, the following step in disabling WPS may differ from router to router. However, in most circumstances, you should be able to disable WPS using the options in the menu or Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS tab.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using WPS

The most significant advantage of Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Your Router is convenience. When WPS is enabled, you may connect any device to your network without entering the router's ID or password. This can save you some time when connecting new devices and allows you to connect devices even if you don't recall your router's password.

However, WPS poses a significant security risk that must be avoided. Hackers can guess your router's password repeatedly when WPS is enabled until they get it right. Your router might be especially vulnerable if you haven't previously taken efforts to increase its security.

Once a hacker obtains your password, they will have access to your Internet connection, which they may use for pretty much whatever they want until you change the password on your router.

If you wish to utilize WPS, you should compare the time savings against the possible headache of a successful attack on your network.

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  •   January 19, 2024