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How to Do a Network Reset on a Bricked iPhone?

Please let me know how to do a network reset on a bricked iPhone. I am facing some issues while using the internet. Help me.
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Network Reset on a Bricked iPhone:

If you frequently back up your iPhone to iTunes on the computer, you don't miss any content or configurations. Bricked is a phrase for an electronic device that has experienced a major failure through its operating system but is no longer effective.

Rebooting a bricked iPhone's network configuration necessitates that the device be rebuilt to good condition. Luckily, the iPhone has its operating system completely supplanted by a working version by using iTunes multimedia management software.

Repairing a Bricked iPhone

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer, then select "Help" from the menu. Choose "Browse for Updates" then permit any installation of updates that are accessible. After the upgrades are finished, iTunes is restarted.

Step 2: Utilizing its USB cable, attach the bricked iPhone to the computer.

Step 3: The iPhone's Sleep/Wake as well as Home buttons should be restrained simultaneously until the screen displays the iTunes logo. The bricked iPhone is now recognized as a new device by iTunes.

Step 4: From iTunes' "Devices" menu, choose the iPhone. Select the "Restore" button after opening the "Summary" page. Hit the "Restore" button after selecting an older backup from the drop-down menu. The iPhone receives the full backup.

Step 5:  When iTunes says that the restore process is finished, disconnect your iPhone.

Resetting the Network Settings on the iPhone

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Settings app, and afterward tap the "General" option.

Step 2: After selecting "Reset Network Settings," press the "Reset" button.

Step 3: To verify that you wish to reset the network settings on your iPhone, click the red "Reset Network Settings" button in the pop-up dialogue box.

Why Does the iPhone Get Bricked?

When upgrading, your iPhone may occasionally get bricked. This is due to the likelihood that the baseband bootloader would be harmed during the upgrade, making it simple for the iPhone to get bricked.

Additionally, your iPhone may become unusable if it runs out of storage or is attacked by malware or even a virus. An iPhone that has been bricked is obvious. Either a blue or red screen of death may appear.

When a phone is sluggish, you may occasionally see a motionless black screen or even a static display with an Apple logo, which are both signals that the phone has been bricked. You are mistaken, though, if you believe that a bricked iPhone cannot be fixed.

Wrap up

We've included what we believe to be the top techniques for fixing a Network Reset on a Bricked iPhone above. Don't panic if your iPhone becomes bricked; this issue occurs frequently for a myriad of purposes.

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