How to Enable or Disable SSID Broadcast on Wi-Fi Router

I am facing some issues while enable or disable SSID Broadcast on WiFi Router. I have no idea how to do this. If you know then help me.
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Enable or Disable SSID Broadcast on WiFi Router

The SSID is the name of your wireless network, which helps you detect your network from all the listed devices. The full form of SSID is a service set identifier. To maintain the safety of your network, you should consider turning off the SSID broadcasting.

To enable or disable SSID broadcast, you have to go through your Wi-Fi router options. If you cannot find such options on your Wi-Fi router, then get access to your router's control panel. You can do so by using the latest version of the firmware. You will require an IP address and login credentials to access the control panel of your router.

What Do You Mean by SSID Broadcasting? 

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. SSID is actually the name of your wireless network. In case you have given a new name to your wireless network, say TheStarsOfTheNight", then that name will appear on the list of available wireless networks n your devices. SSID is actually your Wi-Fi network's name that makes it identifiable. 

What Happens When You Turn Off SSID Broadcasting?

When you do such a thing, then your wireless network name becomes invisible to people. Your network name won't appear in the list of the available networks even when you are sitting very close to the router. You must enable SSID broadcasting for connecting a device that is already connected to the network. In case your PC has a direct connection with the wireless router through an ethernet port, then it will allow you to connect to your PC. 

What is the Process to Disable SSID Broadcast? 

Usually, Wi-Fi routers provide this option. If you fail to find such an option on your router, then you need to use the latest version of your firmware. Connect your smartphone or PC to the wireless network and then launch your router's Control Panel. You will be required to enter an IP address like Various manufacturers have various P addresses. 

Once you log in, you will see Wireless appearing on your left side. The option can be "Settings" or "Wireless Settings". When you will select the option of Wireless, you will see Wireless Settings below it. In the center o the screen, you will see an option called "Enable SSID broadcast". It is actually enabled by default. 

Uncheck the box to disable SSID broadcast and then save the changes you just made. After that, you are required to restart your router. Now, your router name will not appear on your mobile or PC. To activate it again, just go back to the same page and then uncheck the box. 

In the end, we would like to say that there are a few devices that may not identify your wireless network just with your name but it can see it and knows that the wireless network exists. If you want you can unmask a hidden SSID using some techniques. So, this is how you can enable or disable an SSID broadcast on a Wi-Fi router. 

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