How to Enable WMM Support on Your Router

Please let me know that how to enable WMM support on your router. I am facing some issues with this while doing. Hep me.
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Enable WMM Support on Your Router:

WMM is a wireless network function that allows you to prioritize different types of traffic on your router. We'll go through some of the typical settings that different routers may provide in this article to help you choose the ideal settings for your Wireless Multimedia choices.

We'll also walk you through some simple situations on when and how to use these helpful WMM settings to their full potential. Using the Wireless Multimedia features in this manner, you may obtain optimum speed and precision.

What does WMM (WiFi Multimedia) Stand for?

WMM prioritizes audio, video, and speech above other applications that aren't as time-sensitive. Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM) with QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees that applications that demand higher throughput and performance are placed in queues with higher priority.

Video and audio apps, for example, are given more priority than FTP applications. You are less likely to hear delays in a phone call this way. Smooth motion is more likely to be seen when watching video. This causes delays in less important network activity, such as downloading big files, where a slight time delay is acceptable.

WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) is an automatic service that provides multimedia streaming over your wireless network priority. This includes voice, video, and audio, which you want to work at all times. WMM effectively directs more of your bandwidth to devices that meet these requirements, allowing you to spend less time buffering and more time watching the material you want.

Go to Your Account and Log In.

  • Open your browser and type the manufacturer's default IP address, which is usually found on the underside of your router or in the user manual, or a custom IP address that you specify. Log in to your router's settings page with your username and password.
  • To change your wifi settings, go to the Wireless tab. If you aren't already on the proper page, go to the "WMM" (or equivalent) tab.
  • WMM Support should be set to On or Enabled. Under your wifi settings menu, the WMM setting will either be in its own category or a subcategory. Simply choose the desired configuration from the drop-down box (or button, depending on your router).
  • Other sophisticated choices will most certainly be accessible to you in this menu, but you should probably avoid them until you're sure what you're doing.

In Decreasing Order of Priority, WMM Specifies the Following four Queues:

  • The highest priority queue with the shortest latency, making it suitable for voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video applications.
  • Video. This queue is given the second-highest priority queue with the shortest latency. This queue receives video applications.
  • Best Effort is a phrase that can be used to describe a person' This queue is assigned to the medium priority queue with a medium delay. This queue is used by the majority of typical IP applications.
  • Background. High throughput queue with low priority. This queue can be used by applications that are not time-sensitive yet require high throughput, such as FTP.
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