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How to Factory Reset a Buffalo Terastation Pro?

Hello, Please let me know how to factory reset a buffalo TeraStation Pro. I tried many attempts but unavailable to solve it. So can anyone have any idea?

Factory Reset Buffalo Terastation Pro -

Here are a few methods to factory reset Buffalo TeraStation pro. There are times when you forget your username or password then below is your guide.

Factory Reset Buffalo TeraStation Pro Manually

  1. Turn the LinkStation OFF
  2. Hold down the function button and turn the LinkStation ON. The function LED will flash blue or white.
  3. While the LED is flashing, press the function button again.
  4. The status LED will flash blue or white and when the initializing will begin it will start flashing amber. When the LED changes to a steady blue or white, the initialization has been done. 

Initialize by Pressing on the Reset Button on the Buffalo TeraStation

IP address, Ethernet Frame size, admin username and password, SSL key, Port Trunking, and Network service settings will be initialized by pressing the reset Button.

If you don’t want to initialize the username or password then the below steps are for you: Go to system > restore/erase > restore factory defaults > modify settings > select keep current admin password > click on save.

The placement of the reset button varies according to the model. You will need to open or remove the drive door to access it. A key for the drive door is included in your TeraStation package. Reset Buffalo TeraStation back to its factory default settings by turning ON the unit and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds.

Perform Initialization from the Web Admin Interface

You can initialize all the settings along with the things that were not initialized in the web admin interface from the reset Button without the data saved in the TeraStation.

  • Go to system > restore/erase > restore factory defaults
  • Click on the restore TeraStation

  • Confirm operation will appear on the screen. Enter the number from the field of confirmation number within 60 seconds and then click on Apply.

Now Follow the Screen Instructions for Factory Reset Buffalo Terastation

Buffalo TeraStation Pro is a huge-capacity NAS device with robust RAID 6 capability. The redundancy of four separate hard drives in RAID 5 or RAID 1 modes means that even if a hard drive fails, the data is secured.

With Hot Swap functionality, if a drive fails, the TeraStation Pro automatically power down the faulty drive, enabling you to safely remove and replace without losing any data, or downtime. 

The 8TB TeraStation Pro Rackmount Network Hard Drive Array from Buffalo is a network hard drive array with a dual-core Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The dual-port design supports port trunking, which uses both ports to transfer data simultaneously, increasing the array's real-world throughput speed. The array fits in a 1U-size rack mount and is congruent with Windows operating systems.

The array supports numerous enhanced network storage features. Its BitTorrent client allows you to download files from the Internet directly to the array, even if your computer is powered down.

An FTP server allows you to upload files to the array via an FTP client. USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 expansion ports allow you to connect external hard drives, printers and other devices for network access.

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How to Factory Reset a Buffalo Terastation Pro

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