How to Find a Router Port Number

Hello, Please let me know that how to find a router port number. I am facing some issues in finding a port number. If you have any idea then give me.
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Find a Router Port Number:

Routers have port numbers, which is also known as IP address. It works exactly the way phone numbers work. IP addresses are of two types i.e, private and public. The private IP address is given to the device by the router. On the other hand, the public IP address is the one that is provided to you by your internet service provider. 

The public IP address enables you to surf the internet. If you wish to check your IP address, then all you need to do is to use IP lookup tool. Using the lookup tool, you can view ISP, IP location, operating system, and IP address. 

In case you need to find a router port number, then that can easily be done by following simple steps. For this, all you need is a PC and some information to take out the information. 

Step 1: Go to the start menu and then go to the lower right vertex of the screen. 

Step 2: Launch run that is given on the left of the Start menu.

Step 3: A box will appear in front of you. Enter cmd inside that box and then select Ok. After you are done clicking on Ok, the command will open up before you. 

Step 4: Now, enter "ipconfig" in the command window. The router will display the IP address in front of you. 

These are all the easy steps that you need to perform to find a router port number. 

How is the Router Port Number Different from Port Number? 

Every device on the network has a unique numerical value allocated to it, which is called router port number or IP address. It has two main features. One is host or network identification and the other one is location addressing. One device can have many processes going on at once. Port number helps in the identification of those processes taking place on the device. 

What is the Port Number?

In simple words, a port number is a way through which a particular message is identified when it is forwarded to a server. Based on the type of service, it is either going to be associated with UDP or TCP port. 

Difference Between TCP and UDP? 

TCP is a transmission control protocol, which sends data after forming a connection and it is much more reliable in comparison to UDP for the transfer of data. UDP is a user diagram protocol, which transfers data in packets that too without establishing a connection. Sending data through UDP is faster as compared to TCP. However, it is unreliable as no connection is established. 

So, this is all you need to know about how to find a router port number. Here, we also covered what is a port number and how it is different from router port number. 

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