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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in NGINX?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix 500 internal server error in NGINX. I am facing some issues while using Internet. Help me.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error in NGINX:

NGINX is a popular open-source software, which people use for load balancing, caching, reverse proxying, and web serving. This software has been designed for stability and maximum performance. 

500 internal server error is a common problem, which stops you from returning a proper response. These errors appear because of missing files or faulty scripts. This is a reverse proxy server. You can encounter 500 internal server error because of many reasons. One of the reasons can be servers like Apache. 

What does Internal Server Error 500 Mean? 

The 500 internal server error means that the website has come across an unexpected condition that is not letting it fulfill the request. This is a catch-all response, which states that the server cannot find a better error code.

It is made up of an HTTP status code on the server of the website. If you wish to know how o fix this problem, then we can provide you with a bunch of solutions to fix it. 

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in NGINX?

Below are the different solutions that you can try to fix the internal server error issue. 

1) Reload the Webpage

This error can appear because of a temporary problem on your web server. In such a case, you can fix your problem simply by reloading the page. The keys that you need to press to reload the page are F5 or Ctrl+R. Now, check if the 500 internal server error local host message disappears. 

2) Clear the Cookies and Cache on Your Browser

On Chrome

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and then select three vertical dots given at the upper-right corner. 

Step 2: Select Settings and then go to Privacy and Security. 

Step 3: After that, you can choose Clear browsing data.

Step 4: Check the option of Cookies and other site data. 

Step 5: After that, hit Clear Data. 

In case the cache data of your Chrome browser gets corrupt, then it can lead to the 500 internal server error IGINX. Clear the cookies and cached data and check if it resolves your issue. If you want, you can use a multipurpose facility like CCleaner. It removes unnecessary data and clears the cache. 

On Firefox

Step 1: Launch Firefox and select the hamburger icon given at the upper-right corner. After that, select Settings. 

Step 2: Go to Privacy and Security and then go to the section of "Privacy & Security. Then, select Clear Data.

Step 3: Now, select Clear for confirming the process. 

3) Turn Off VPN

One of the ways to fix 500 internal server errors in NGINX is to turn off VPN. 

Step 1: Press the Windows and I key simultaneously to launch the Settings app/ 

Step 2: Go to Network and Internet.

Step 3: After that, choose VPN by going to the left pane. After that, go to the right pane and then select VPN connection. Then, select Remove. 

Step 4: In case you are using a VPN client, then ensure that you disconnect from VPN. 

4) Check Your Internet Connection 

To check your internet connection, you are required to follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Go to a speed test website like Fast. 

Step 2: The website will start testing the speed of your network once it opens up. 

Step 3: Now, wait for the internet speed test results. 

So, these are the different solutions that you can apply to fix the 500 internal server error in NGINX. A lot of reasons can lead to this problem but one of the major causes of this problem is a bad internet connection. In case the above-mentioned solutions don't help you out with your problem, then try to contact the customer care team.

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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in NGINX

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