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How to Fix a VPN That is Not Connecting?

Please let me know that how to fix a VPN that's not connecting. I have no idea about that how to fix it. Help me.
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Fix a VPN That's Not Connecting:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides dedicated connectivity to the servers of your organization but it may be more annoying if you have a VPN that’s not connecting. Friends, I also witnessed a problem while connecting to my organization’s server wherein I observed that my “VPN that wasn’t connecting” issue persisting.

In the due course of resolving the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue I came to know that there could be a couple of reasons ranging from a bulky VPN server to an outdated VPN software application causing the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue.

To get this issue resolved I tried a few troubleshooting steps as a consequence of which I was able to resolve the ”VPN that’s not connecting” issue by resetting my VPN software. By means of this quick user guide, I endeavor to share with all the friends different methods to finally solve the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue.

Method 1 - Verifying the Internet Connectivity

Many times poor internet connectivity is the prime reason for your “VPN that’s not connecting” issue logically because the bad internet connection can’t allow your VPN to establish connectivity with your organization’s server.

So all you need to do is to check whether you actually have a poor internet connection or not and if you find bad internet connectivity as the core reason for your “VPN that’s not connecting” issue then you must switch off your WiFi connection and must turn it on after a while.

Method 2 - Cross Verifying Your Log-in Credentials

Another possible reason for the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue could be the wrong punching of your log-in credentials. In such a case, you must re-enter your log-in details to establish your VPN connection.

Method 3 - Modifying the VPN Server for a Streamlined Connection

In a bid to connect to the organization’s server using a VPN, you have to select one or the other server. In case you don’t choose the correct server, you may run into a situation wherein your VPN connection could not be established.

Hence, you must try switching to different servers to actually get connected to your organization’s server.

Method 4 - Restarting your Virtual Private Network’s Software and Related Plug-Ins

You may also try restarting your VPN’s software and related plug-ins to establish the internet connection using your VPN. This trick often works as many a time browser cache hinders the operation of VPN plug-ins.

Method 5 - Ensuring That Your VPN Software is not Outdated

It is generally a prerequisite that you have an updated version of the software for effectively establishing and operating your VPN. So in such a scenario, you must update the VPN software to the latest.

And, to make it function smoothly, you can also tweak certain settings to facilitate automatic updating of your VPN software.

Method 6 - Trying Different VPN Tunneling Protocols

Quite often the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue could be due to ad-hoc tunneling protocol settings that you must verify and fix by changing the tunneling protocols to either OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, or IKeV2/IPSec.

Method 7 - Checking the Specific Ports for VPN Connection

You may also set the “VPN that’s not connecting” problem by changing the internet ports as there may be a possibility that your Internet Service Providers may be disallowing VPN connection on some specific ports.

Method 8 - By Opening Different Forwarding Protocols and Ports

Quite often your Internet Firewall or Antivirus software may not be allowing VPN connection on some forwarding protocols and ports which can be set right by enabling the firewalls to facilitate opening different Port Forwarding Protocols.

Specifically, the firewall must keep 51 (AH) IPSec VPNs, UDP port 500 (IKE) and 50 (ESP) protocols open.

Method 9 - Enabling VPN Passthrough

A yet another solution for the “VPN that’s not connecting” issue could be the fact that you enable IPSec or Point-to-point tunneling protocol pass-through.

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