How to Fix an IPv6 No Network Access Error

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix an IPv6 no-network access error? I facing this error while using the internet. Help me.
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Fix an IPv6 No Network Access Error:

We all know that every internet user whenever tries to connect to the internet is allocated one or more identities or addresses better known as the IPv4 and the IPv6 protocols. But, it is sometimes witnessed that internet users emerge successful in securing an IPv4 internet protocol but quite often fail to obtain the IPv6 protocol due to the IPv6 No Network Access error that may emanate owing to a variety of reasons ranging from the presence of the outdated router’s firmware or driver to the inconsistent settings in the IPv6 settings window in the Command Prompt segment ultimately calling for fixing the IPv6 No Network Access error.

Friends, I recently had to witness the No Network Access error when I tried getting connected to the internet for fixing which I exercised the reset of the IPv6 settings in the Command Prompt. In due course of fixing the IPv6 No Network Access error, I came across a multitude of solutions either of which can come in handy when anybody embarks on the venture to fix the IPv6 No Network Access error.

So, just have a quick glance over this detailed user guide that comes explaining the diverse solutions all of which tend to be pretty relevant for fixing the IPv6 No Network Access error.

Restarting Your Device may Fix the No Network Access Error

The most preliminary solution for fixing the No Network Access error is to cause your device to restart because when you go restarting your device, then many complicated and difficult-to-troubleshoot issues get automatically fixed as soon as the device gets automatically restarted and join the wired or wireless internet connection.

Restarting Your Router and Modem Once Again 

A technical snag caused at the end of the internet service provider or any technical issue in the router or modem itself may cause the No Network Access error by not facilitating the IPv6 network protocol in your case which may possibly be fixed by restarting your router and modem sequentially in a time interval of a couple of minutes.

Giving the IPv6 Settings a Reset in the Command Prompt

Step 1 - Just initialize the process of fixing the No Network Access error by punching in the “cmd” command in the Windows search box.

Step 2 - Just continue by right-clicking the desktop app of the Command Prompt and follow by choosing the “Run as Administrator” option to cause the Command Prompt to open.

Step 3 - Now, type in “netsh winsock reset catalog” in the Command Prompt Window and press the Enter button.

Step 4 - Further, just punch in “netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log” and again resort to pressing the Enter button followed by restarting your computer system.

Choosing to Update Your Router’s Firmware 

You can switch to updating your router’s firmware as an old router may not be supportive of the IPv6 protocol which may consistently or intermittently be causing the No Network Access error.

When you upgrade your router with the latest firmware then the manufacturer’s offering in the form of the latest firmware makes adequate provision and corresponds to fixing the IPv6 protocol issue generally evidenced in the form of the No Network Access error after which you will possibly not have to face the No Network Access error going forward.

Looking to Update Your Device’s Operating System

Another fix for the unusual internet connectivity issues that include the No Network Access error as well is probably updating your computer’s or laptop’s operating system which may possibly be taking care of any technical problem existing in your computer or laptop or bugs that may be residing and subsequently restraining you to securely obtain the IPv6 protocol or address while you venture out to get connected to the internet.

Disabling Your Actual VPN Connection

If you are using a Virtual Private Network to gain access to the internet then your specific VPN connection may be the cause of the No Network Access error and thus might be causing the non-allocation of IPv6 internet protocol in your case to fix which you are simply advised to disable your VPN connection as most of the VPN don’t allow the users to secure the most sought-after IPv6 protocol address.

Turning Off the IP Helper Service in an Attempt to Fix the No Network Access Error

Disabling or Turning -Off the IP Helper Service might also be the way forward to fixing the No Network Access error which can subsequently pave way for obtaining the IPv6 protocol. This can be given effect in the following prescribed way.

Step 1 - Just initiate by pressing the “Windows+R” buttons followed by punching in the “services.msc” in the “Run” dialog box followed by pressing the Enter button.

Step 2 - Scroll down the list that gets displayed in the new window getting opened consequently to find the IP Helper service and give right-click on the IP Helper service to click on the Properties option thereafter.

Step 3 - Now you have to select the Disabled option and press the OK button when you see the “Start-Up Type” drop-down list.

Step 4 - Subsequently, reset your computer or laptop and check whether the No Network Access error is fixed.

You can Resort to Running or Accessing the Router as the Administrator   

You must resort to exploring the router controls to ensure that the IPv6 connection is enabled which can be auto-detected or automatically configured to help you secure and consequently obtain the IPv6 protocol.

Please note that once the IPv6 connection is enabled then you must restart your router after waiting for a few minutes.

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