How to Fix CloudFlare Error 1020 Access Denied

Please let me know that how to fix CloudFlare error 1020 access denied. I am facing some issues while trying to access it. Help me.
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Fix CloudFlare Error 1020 Access Denied:

Almost entirely, this specific Cloudflare error number appears on webpages that utilise the Cloudflare CDN to enhance website performance and security.

In other words, when an end-user CloudFlare Error 1020 Access Denied, that's because the IP address was blocked as a result of security issues that the Cloudflare CDN identified. Even though the majority of these worries are legitimate, there are instances where the IP address is restricted even if it doesn't actually pose a threat.

Following a thorough investigation into this issue and a review of numerous user reports, it has been determined that multiple underlying factors could result in a false positive for this error code:

Firewall Rule Violation 

It's likely that the reason you're receiving the error code as a frequent user trying to access a website is that the web server thinks you've broken a firewall rule. To find and fix the issue in this scenario, you must follow a process of troubleshooting procedures.

IP Range is Blocked

Whenever the IP range which your computer utilizes to attempt to connect to the web server is flagged within internal CDN settings as a possible security risk and then blocked, this is an additional scenario that might result in this error code.

Cloudflare Cookie Conflict

You should anticipate certain difficulties with the use of these cookie files since Cloudflare stores information regarding communications with pages in cookies that are stored on the machine.

These might prevent the end user from having access in certain situations. In this instance, making sure the cookie use is allowed and deleting the cookie cache need to take care of the problem.

Make that the Use of Cookies is Permitted by your Browser

It's crucial to realize how Cloudflare uses cookies to adapt specific security features on the websites where it is enabled. This enables the Cloudflare CDN service to offer users a quick, tailored, and pertinent experience.

It's a terrific feature, so long as it doesn't prevent some users from accessing the page since they are deliberately blocking cookies with their browsers.

The two most common scenarios that prevent the use of cookies are as follows:

  • It is configured not to accept cookies in your browser.
  • Certain cookies are being blocked by an extension and add-on you have downloaded.

Clean the Cache of Your Browser

Remember how you can still see this issue even if the web server is not actively generating it; it's possible because your browser has cached (saved) a duplicate of the error locally, which causes it to be retrieved each time you view it.

Nevertheless, depending on the browser you're using, there may be slight variations in the precise steps to follow. You may be able to delete data from certain browsers simply to get rid of the 1020-affected website.

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Fix Cloudflare's Error 1020 Access Denied

While attempting to access a URL on a website that Cloudflare secures, you may see Cloudflare’s Error 1020: Access Denied notice. If Cloudflare determines that your IP address is risky or spammy, it may block it, locking you out.

Usually, the issue is caused by Cloudflare's overzealous protection, which results in the blocking of harmless IP addresses. However, it can also be a browser problem. Use these methods to fix the 1020 error from Cloudflare if you're having problems.

Look For Site-Wide Problems

Check if the issue only arises when a certain page or website is accessed. You can figure out an issue with the entire website by verifying any other page that is open to the public.

Close the website or return to the affected page if the website's other pages function properly. If the site asks you to sign in, remember to do so.

Examine Your Browser For any Problems

Verifying that a problem with browsers exists is the first step in solving browser-related problems. Try using a different browser to access the same site to see whether the issue persists.

Try the actions listed below to resolve the problem with your default browser if the website starts functioning properly on another browser. The following three fixes should resolve connection problems or IP address blockages if the issue persists throughout all browsers.

Provide Your Router with a New Start

Your router's cache settings may prevent you from connecting if Cloudflare's CDN prevents you from doing so. Your router's cache is cleared when you restart it. Therefore, restarting the router is an excellent option for fixing the problem. Restart your router to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Lookup Date and Time Settings

Even though it's less uncommon, your computer's incorrect date and time settings could result in a communication error with the server. The connection can break as a result of this. Before introducing browser-level adjustments, ensure the date and time are set correctly because it's simple to forget such a small detail.

Set Your Browser to a New Start

You could have this problem due to a short-term problem in your browser, which made the CDN deny user connectivity. Try to access the same page again after resetting the browser by closing the webpage.


You should resolve this issue and obtain access to the website by using the solutions provided. Try resetting or reinstalling your browser if none of those, as mentioned earlier, methods have been successful. In case that doesn't work, try modifying your DNS settings.

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