How to Fix Connection Failed With Error 651

Please let me know how to fix the connection that failed with error 651. I am facing some issues while using a router. Help me.
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Fix Connection Failed With Error 651:

The error 651 message frequently appears in a little pop-up window within Windows 7 through 11. Depending on the connection issue's reason, the text changes a little. However, it always contains the following text: Connection failed with error 651

Error 651 is a pretty minor issue, although being bothersome, and shouldn't cause a computer to crash, restart, or show the blue screen of death.

Connection Failed With Error 651: Possible Causes

A failed attempt to connect to the internet or the termination of an active connection are both indicated by error code 651. The alert may be brought on by many problems, including improper modem configuration, corrupted registry files, an IP address conflict, driver issues, and situations involving your internet service provider.

Use a Different Device to Check the Connection

The quickest and most straightforward approach to determine if the issue is with your Windows PC, modem, or service provider.

If you can connect another device to the same Wi-Fi network, the issue is with the computer. If you cannot touch anything else on the same network, the modem, router, or service provider is the issue.

Change your connection. The machine is at fault if you cannot connect to another Wi-Fi network you are aware of as functioning. The link is to blame if you can.

Look for any slack cables. Ensure that the computer, modem, router, and wall are connected with all power and connection wires. Although it might seem apparent, connections might need to be fixed.

Restart the router and modem. Unplug both devices, wait a while, and then replug them both. This could take some time.

Relaunch the computer. This technical advice is well-known for a reason. It resolves a variety of transient bugs and issues.

The Internet Connections Troubleshooter should be launched. There is a built-in internet troubleshooting tool in every version of Windows.

Examine Windows for updates. By heading to Settings > Update & Security, you may check for updates. The most recent features and security updates are installed through the Windows update process. Additionally, it examines the system, corrects issues, and downloads any corrupted or missing data.

Update the driver for the network adapter. Drivers ensure proper hardware operation. If a newer one is available, updating it could fix the internet connectivity issue.

Turn off antiviral protection. Microsoft Windows systems may be unable to connect to the internet due to specific antivirus software. Problems with internet connectivity can be fixed by pausing or turning off the antivirus program.


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