How to Fix it When Your Wi-Fi Network Is Not Showing Up

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix it when your WiFi network is not showing up. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Fix it When Your Wi-Fi Network Is Not Showing Up:

When your Wi-Fi doesn’t appear on your device and you are unable to connect to the internet, you have a problem. Although it helps to understand the root of the problem, you can still take action to fix it regardless of whether you don’t. Follow these steps when Wi-Fi Network Is Not Showing Up. 

Reasons Why ‘Wireless Network Not Appearing Up’ Issues Occur

Your Wi-Fi network may not be listed among the accessible networks if there are issues with your wireless router, ISP, or device.

Several Factors that Lead to Issues with WiFi Connections Include:

Device Out of Range of Router: Your device needs to be in the router’s coverage area. It may be as much as thirty feet away from the router in the majority of households. Up to 50 feet dying, you might be able to connect, but the velocity is slower and the connection frequently breaks.

Router not Correctly Restored: The router may not have been correctly restored following a power outage or unplugging.

Network Adapter Disabled or Off: Your device might occur to blame for the Wi-Fi connection issue instead than the router. Your network adapter might be disabled or its drivers might need to be updated if restarting doesn’t solve the problem. 

Virus: If the gadget you’re using is equipped with virus, it can prevent you from establishing a Wi-Fi connection. 

Fix Wi-Fi Network Does Not Appear

Up till your problem is fixed, try these troubleshooting procedures sequentially. From simplest to most difficult, they are mentioned.

Examine your wifi connection’s issues. Make sure the device you are attempting to connect to has no issues before you start attempting to fix your Wi-Fi.

Spend a few minutes making sure anything on your machine is functioning as it should if the problem, for instance, is that the Wi-Fi connection does not appear on your laptop.

Restart the Router and Modem as Directed. 

Verify the network settings. The network may be obscured. An efficient technique to maintain privacy is to cover a wireless network. 

Investigate any interference. Wi-Fi connections might fail for a variety of reasons, including interference. A wireless router might be hampered by a variety of nearby things in a house or workplace.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to inquire. Contact the provider of your internet service if your troubleshooting efforts are unsuccessful in fixing the issue. You may not be aware of a widespread problem in the region, or there may be a flaw in the company's equipment.

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  •   January 10, 2024