How to Fix Network Adapter Not Working Issues

Is there anyone who knows how to fix network adapter not working issues? I have no idea about this. Help me.
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Fix Network Adapter Not Working Issues:

You can try a few things to get your network adapter working again if it no longer wants to, well, network. These diagnostic procedures will assist you in identifying the root cause of your network adaptor not working issues. 

Check Device Manager for Hardware Changes or Uncover Hidden Hardware

You can make Windows search for attached hardware once more if Device Manager doesn't show your network adapter in the list of adapters. Choose Action > Scan for hardware changes after selecting your computer's name from the device tree's top.

If it does not work, your computer's network adaptor not working issues, or a physical issue could prevent it from connecting to your computer.

It's also possible that your adapter is hidden in Device Manager, which stops you from viewing its status or making changes to its drivers.

Verify the Physical Connection

You should physically inspect your network adapter to see if it was previously operating flawlessly but has since stopped functioning. This is particularly valid if it doesn't appear in the device manager.

There isn't much to verify if you're utilising an interconnected adapter. If you think the built-in adapter is no longer physically sound, you're better off letting a specialist examine the motherboard.

Make sure that even a USB adaptor or expansion card is properly inserted if you are using one. Additionally, you can test the adapter using a different computer, USB port, or PCIe slot. It might be dead if the adapter does not function, no matter where you plug it in.

Back-Up Your Computer

You may try utilizing system restore or a recent backup to return your computer to a previous time when the adapter was functioning properly, albeit it might be a haphazard approach.

This is a more practical solution if you discover that the network adapter functions when connected to a different computer or starting from a Live OS. Rolling back to an earlier operating system snapshot may be the best course of action because any collection of minor adjustments may be to blame for the network adapter's failure.

Examine Your WiFi Switch

A physical switch or a keyboard shortcut can access the WiFi toggle on most laptops. This switch acts at the firmware level, so even though it's a keyboard shortcut, it's possible that you won't notice the adapter in your OS if it's in the off position. Before actually assuming a problem, ensure that the system WiFi switch is in the "on" position. It's just a silly mistake, but we've all made it.

It can be quite hard to troubleshoot network issues because not every potential problem is within your control. If the solutions mentioned earlier didn't solve your network adaptor not working issues, it turned out that your adapter wasn't the issue.

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  •   November 18, 2023