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How to Fix Network Error 0x8007003b in Windows 10/11?

Please let me know how to fix network error 0x8007003b in Windows 10/11. I am facing some issues while using Windows 10/11. Help me.
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Fix Network Error 0x8007003b in Windows 10/11 -

Network error 0x8007003b in Windows 10/11 is a serious problem that Windows 10 users are facing nowadays. This is an issue that users face while trying to transfer large files from a network drive to a laptop.

When this problem occurs, you see an error message on your screen that says "0x8007003b an unexpected network error occurred", which is why users are not able to transfer their files over the VPN. There are some potential solutions that you can apply to resolve this issue. 

Different Ways to Fix Network Error 0x8007003b 

1) Scan for Malware 

Error 0x8007003b can appear because of the malware. Therefore, this problem can be fixed simply by using anti-virus software. You can also use Windows Defender to scan the malware as it is inbuilt. However, if you wish to get more advanced and accurate results, you must use a third-party antivirus program for Windows 10. 

Specialized software gets updated frequently and can protect you in real-time against malware and threats. A lot of these software programs are intuitive. The scan procedure is very much similar to the one on Windows Defender. This way, you won't face any issues with adapting to the new tool. 

Once your scan is over, the antivirus software will show the results. The results will tell you what you need to do next. If malware was your serious problem, then your problem will get fixed after removing it. 

2) Temporarily Turn Off Antivirus Software

In case malware is not the problem, just disable your third-party antivirus software. This program may interfere with the file transfer. You are just required to turn off the anti-virus utility by going to the system tray icon and right-clicking on it.

After that, choose the Disable option from the context menu. You need to disable it for around 30 minutes and then copy the file one more time. 

3) Turn off the Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall may get in the way of file transfers. This is more of a network wall. Hence, switching the firewall can fix error 0x8007003b. This is how you can turn off your Windows firewall. 

  • Press the Cortana button on your taskbar to launch the search box of the app. Enter firewall in the search box of Cortana. 
  • Choose the Windows firewall control panel tab below. 
  • Select the option of Turn Windows Firewall on or off. 
  • Select Turn off windows firewall options on the tab of Customize settings and then click on OK. 
  • After that, restart your Windows OS. 

4) Turn the Windows Search Service Off

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to turn the Windows search service off. 

  • Turning off the Windows search service can help you fix error 0x8007003b. To switch off this service, you need to press the Windows and R key simultaneously to launch Run. 
  • Type services.msc in the run and then go back to open the services window. 
  • Double-click on Windows search to launch the window directly below. 
  • Choose Disabled from the startup type drop-down menu. 
  • Select Apply and OK buttons for confirming the new setting and then close the window.  

5) Scan File with the System File Checker 

System File Checker of Windows 10 is extremely useful for resolving error 0x8007003b. You can experience Windows issues because of corrupted system files. You can start the SFC scan as follows. 

  • Enter cmd in the search box of Cortana. 
  • Go to the Command Prompt and then right-click on it. After that, you need to press the Enter key. 
  • The SFC scan is going to fix this problem. It may not detect any corrupt system files but restart Windows if SFC repairs some files. 

6) Bring Windows Back to Restore Point

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to use System Restore. 

Step 1: Launch Cortana and then enter System Restore in the search area. Select the option of Create a restore point to launch the System Properties window. 

Step 2: Press the button of System Restore to launch the Restore Utility. 

Step 3: Then, you need to select a different restore point radio button and then select Next. 

Step 4: Choose the option of Show more restore points for expanding the list of restore points.

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