How to Fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Verizon port forwarding not working. I am facing some issue in verizon port Forwarding.Help me.
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Fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working:

Port forwarding redirects the communication requests from one port to another using a network address translation application. However, port forwarding is a complicated process but also, It creates a traversing of the network gateway using the firewall or a router.

The setup of port forwarding depends on the router, but the configuration can be troublesome. Here are some of the troubleshooting methods to  fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working.

Steps to Fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working

Multiple Routers

Using several routers all at once might also trigger the port forwarding not working issue. However, at times you don’t get to know that your device is connected to multiple routers. To know that, below are a few steps:

  • Firstly, log in to the router and open the status page (it will open up the internet and WAN IP address. This IP address should be similar to the IP appearing on the tester page).
  • Make sure that the IP isn’t the same because if it is similar then it is confirmed that your device is connected to multiple routers.
  • If that’s the case, then jump off to another IP address with the current router.
  • Next, open the DMZ page and Enable the DMZ after adding the IP address.
  • Lastly, save the settings to complete the process.
  • Incorrect IP address

The incorrect IP address might also be the reason behind the issue. The majority of the routers will only provide features to add the last part of the IP address. The disarray happens when some of the routers ask for a full IP address.

While entering a full IP address, you might type an extra letter which creates confusion. So, make sure you are entering a correct IP address and before that write down your WAN and LAN’s IP address somewhere to avoid the mistake.

Firewall Settings

Almost all the routers have firewall options yet some of them don’t allow you to create a new connection and sometimes even if the port forwarding is ON. We would most probably recommend you to turn the firewall off and create the minimized settings.

So, just optimize the firewall settings, and the port forwarding will start working. You don’t have to worry about your computer is at risk as the firewalls are hardware-based.

Broken Windows Firewall

Broken or corrupt windows firewall might also be the reason behind the issue. Although windows come with an in-built firewall at times they might get corrupt.

This indicates that there is a WMI issue with the Windows firewall. Even if you have turned off the WMI, it may lead to issues in port forwarding. So, you need to fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working and ensure that all the firewall issues have been resolved.

Incorrect Connection Type

Most of the routers allow you multiple connections option and to fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working, make sure you are connected to the right connection (WAN). in case if the connection is wrong, then it will be problematic for the configuration and optimization of the IP address.

However, the IP address of the port test page should be entered. Therefore, remember to check the WAN connection in order to configure the right IP address and your port forwarding not working issue will be fixed.     

Name of the Computer

To fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working, you need the computer name, irrespective of the modem or router. However, there are chances that your computer name is added to the router multiple times, and each name will direct to the different IP addresses.

So, ensure that you are choosing the right computer name and the IP address direction will be a correct, thus it will fix your port forwarding issue.

Similar Port

Most of the routers don’t own port checks and whether its working or not. Therefore. Remember that one port can only forward one IP address at a time. So, if there are multiple port numbers in the router, port forwarding will not work. All in all, add the single port number for port forwarding to work.


Enabling DMZ makes it hard for you to fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working. That is because enabled DMZ will open the ports, leading to connectivity issues. Therefore, disable the DMZ.

We hope the above article with some of the troubleshooting ways to help you fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working.

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