How to Fix Your Wi-Fi Connection on Android

Please let me know that how to fix your WiFi connection on android. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Fix Your Wifi Connection on Android:

If your wifi isn't working, there may be a hardware problem (your tablet or phone may be broken physically), a software issue (an incorrect setting or an app conflict), or a more serious problem.

It's also possible that background app data has used up your data allotment. Alternatively—albeit unlikely—a malware infection might interfere with your signal. Read to discover why your wifi isn't working and get helpful troubleshooting advice.

Check out our guide on why your iPhone isn't connecting to wifi if you use Apple products.

Why isn't my Wi-Fi Connection on Android?

There are some reasons why your Android phone won't connect to the network: a network or signal outage, an inaccurate device setting, an incorrect network password, or even the fact that your phone case is too large to allow the connection could be the cause.

The following are the most typical explanations for why your Android device won't connect to wifi:

Possible disruptions to the wifi signal

Occasionally, interference from an external signal or frequency, such as another wifi network, can interfere with the wifi signal you are attempting to connect to, breaking the connection. 

Something is wrong with your network or password.

Your router should have the default SSID (network name) and password displayed or provided if you use public wifi. Ascertain that you are connected to the appropriate network and that your password's capitalization and special characters are accurate. The characters you're entering can be seen by tapping the "eye" icon next to the password field.

You have turned off your wifi.

Select Connections when you open your Android Settings. Verify that the wifi switch is turned on. To reset the connection, try turning the settings off and back on.

Your cable needs to be fixed or suitable.

Similar to any other piece of hardware, cables can break. You might only be able to connect to wifi if they are fixed. If you have recently replaced your modem or router, consider replacing the connecting cables.

Parental control settings are blocking your connection.

Parental controls are installed on some networks and devices for security or traffic control. See the device or network owner if your device or network has parental controls. Check to see if the wifi reconnects after turning off the parental controls if you are the owner.

You have no more data.

Although frequent data limits exist on mobile internet, some Internet service providers (ISPs) may also limit traffic on home networks. It's possible that your wifi isn't functioning because you've gone over your data limit.

Either your case is too thick, or the wifi signal is blocked by it.

Some phone cases are so large that they interfere with Android wifi. Connection issues may also arise if your device frequently overheats, which may be caused by the case. Take your suit off and look for any benefits.

How to Repair my Android Device's WiFi Connection

Start by confirming that another device can connect to the wifi network. After that, attempt to join a different network. It is probably a network issue if you can access the wifi on someone else's phone or tablet. If you can connect to another network, your device is most likely the issue.

Here's how to determine and resolve wifi issues on an Android device:

Give your Android device a restart.

Even though it seems simple, restarting your Android device can help you reconnect to wifi. Additionally, it makes programs that might be problematic restart from scratch. Another way to prevent unwanted apps from invading your device and breaking your internet connection is to use a secure browser.

Try these steps to restart your Android device:

  • Navigate to Settings > wifi> Connections.
  • Select the SSID of the problematic wifi network, then click Forget.
  • Give your gadget a restart.
  • Select your network once more, then type in the password.
  • Depending on your device, these steps might vary slightly (although many Samsung phones and tablets have similar settings).
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