How to Hack WiFi Network & Get Login Credentials

Please let me know how to hack wifi network & get login credentials. I am facing some issues while accessing wifi credentials. Help me.
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Hack WiFi Network & Get Login Credentials:

One of the most difficult tasks that you can do in the cyber world is to crack a wireless network. Also, for this, you need a certain level of preparation. If you have basic information about authentication techniques, it will help you understand how to get the wireless network of your colleagues and neighbors. You can also see the potential weakness of your own wireless network. 

How can I Install the Tools to Hack WiFi?

First of all, you are required to go to VMware's official website. After that, you need to download a copy of Workstation Pro. However, this program is not free. We believe that this is not going to be a problem.

This tool has a limited trial version. You can always go to Torrents to get a free copy. After that, you need to download Kali Linux. It is available for free and you just need to get an ISO file of the latest version.

How can I Create a New Virtual Machine?

It is advisable to spend some time configuring a Virtual Machine.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to create a new virtual machine. 

Step 1: You need to launch a VMware workstation and select the option of Create a New Virtual machine. 

Step 2: Select the option of Custom installation. 

Step 3: Choose the option of Workstation 8.x type of hardware compatibility. 

Step 4: After that, you need to select Linux as an operating system from the Kali Linux ISO file you downloaded earlier. 

Step 5: Then, you need to pick Linux as your Operating System. 

Step 6: Now, give a name to your virtual machine and then select a location on your PC. 

Step 7: Search for Cores and logical processors. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then go to the Performance tab. 

Step 8: Choose the appropriate value of RAM that your virtual machine will use. 

Step 9: Choose Network Address Translation. 

Step 10: Select the recommended logic controller type. 

Step 11: Select the SCSI virtual disk type. 

Step 12: Choose the option of Create a new virtual disk. 

Step 13: Select the appropriate maximum disk size and then select the option of "Split virtual disk into various files". Keep the allocated space unchecked. 

Step 14: Select Next and then finally Finish the installation process. 

How can I Install Kali Linux?

Below are the steps that you are required to follow in order to install Kali Linux. 

Step 1: Select the Graphic install option and then go ahead. After that, change the hostname, location, and language. 

Step 2: Select the domain name that you wish to have. 

Step 3: After that, choose the root password. 

Step 4: Select guided-use entire disk. 

Step 5: After that, choose a virtual disk and then select all files in one partition. 

Step 6: Click on Continue and then choose Yes. This way, system will write changes to the disk. 

Step 7: Go to the next section in case you don't use HTTP proxy. 

Step 8: Select All and then click on Continue. 

Step 9: After that, you need to pick a theme. At the time of installation, choose the appropriate display manager. Select the GNOME one if you wish for it to look like a Wi-Fi hacker. If you want, you can try the latest lightdm theme. 

Step 10: Choose Yes when the system tells you to install the GRUB boot loader. 

Step 11: Select /dev/sda as a bootloader device. 

Wi-Fi Hacking Stage

If you wish to learn how to use Kali Linux for hacking Wi-Fi networks and then retrieve login details.

A. Start Searching for WiFi Networks

Now, you need to check for nearby wireless signals. The best tool that you can use here is Wifite. This comes along with the Kali Linux. 

After that, open the Kali Linux terminal by pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+T. After that, enter wifite and then press the Enter key. You are going to see various available wireless networks that are waiting to get hacked. You need to select one for an attack. 

B. Prepare for the Dictionary Attack

Kali has all the required tools to hack Wi-Fi. 

Step 1: So, in the wifite terminal, you need to find rockyou. 

Step 2: Now, you are going to see the location of rockyou.text.gz folder. After that, copy it to your desktop by typing cp/usr/share/wordlist/rockyou.txt.gz/root/Desktop.

Step 3: Launch the file and then select Extract for getting the txt file to your root desktop. 

C. Choose the Target Network

A lot of people are not careful with codenames. There are a lot of people who are not inventive about their Wi-Fi passwords. One can retrieve a lot of information if he or she gains access to the wireless network.

To start with the dictionary attack, below are the steps that you need to follow. 

  • Enter wifite- dict/root/Desktop/rockyou 
  • After that, choose the target by typing-in the number of your wireless network. 
  • D. The results are here

By using this easy method, you will easily be able to get the Mac address of the target and it Wi-Fi password. Hacking into someone's wireless network can enjoy free Wi-Fi access.

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