How to Hard Reset a Buffalo Router?

I was trying to configure my Buffalo WZR-600DHP to connect to a VPN and send all traffic through it. I've managed to completely screw up the routing table, so I want to reset the unit back to factory settings. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me find the reset button. As I am visually impaired, the diagrams in the manual, if any, do not help me. Can someone please describe the location of the reset button on this type of router? I've spent all morning trying various buttons and places that look like pin-hole reset buttons, and just haven't had any luck.

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Usually buffalo develops a change mainly for home users as well as business environment. Buffalo works as a router. Mostly buffalo routers works as an interface and used for the web based configuration interface which provides to change router settings like change in router's IP address or some new changes as login information. Here are some steps that helps to make hard reset a buffalo router. If in case you forget or lose your router's password then your routers configuration is no longer and is not ready to apply to the current environment network. Thus hard reset returns back your fresh installation. Read these steps and able to install a hard reset a buffalo router as includes;BUFFALO ROUTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT

  1. First of all press your router's reset button for 30-35 seconds which is located at the back of your buffalo router.
  2. Without releasing the hold button (pressing it continue) disconnect or make power off of your buffalo's router.
  3. After a few 10 seconds reconnect the router's power on.
  4. Then continue pressing the reset button until 30-35 seconds.
  5. To make your buffalo router's reinitialize by its own just release the reset button and wait for 60 seconds approx... To start in a fresh mode.BUFFALO ROUTER

Hope this will enjoying by using these steps manually and this is an easiest way to make hard reset a buffalo router.

How to Hard Reset a Buffalo Router?

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