How to Hide IP Address on Chrome

Is there anyone who knows how to hide an IP address on Chrome? I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.
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Hiding IP addresses on Chrome can be helpful in various ways as while searching for something on the internet and accessing websites it protects our digital identity and you can also access all web pages that blocked your IP address and circumvent geoblocking.

The process of hiding IP address if your browser is Chrome, you should use VPN browser extension as it is one of the best ways to hide your IP address then set up a proxy add on as it is one of the gateway between you and the internet and it helps in concealing IP addresses.

Then use a free online service to hide your IP address as through this you get access to the blocked websites. And finally you can also configure your proxy settings manually to hide IP addresses.

Which Browsers Hide Your IP?

Chrome doesn't offer support to conceal your IP address but there are various browsers with inbuilt VPN, which can encrypt your data and hide your IP. If you wish to use an all-in-one solution, then you must change to a browser that has a great choice.

In this case, we recommend Opera. Its inbuilt VPN is free. It is easy to enable or disable and it is unlimited. It has different virtual locations that you can switch between and choose from. 

How to Hide IP Address in Chrome?

If you wish to hide your identity online inside the browser, then below is what you need to. 

1) Use VPN Browser Extension

Using a VPN extension is probably the best way to hide your IP address because you are trying to encrypt your data traffic. Here, let's presume that you are using public Wi-Fi that doesn't need a password.

If you are transferring important information over a hotspot, which is not password protected such as online banking info or email account credentials, then your information may get exposed to hackers. 

VPN protects your data in such a manner that even cyber criminals won't be able to hack your private information. The use of a VPN is especially useful if you are concealing your IP address for sending emails. 

PIA provides dedicated apps for all the main operating systems and a reliable extension for Chrome. This will allow you to encrypt all your online traffic in online games and the browser. 

2) Set up a Proxy Add On

These servers are a gateway between the internet and you. They are particularly developed for the purpose of concealing your IP address. Moreover, it helps you access content, which is not available normally.

It is less secure as compared to a VPN as it does not use any encryption. So, if you are trying to transfer any information over the internet, we recommend you to use a VPN rather than a proxy. 

If not, then there are lots of proxy browser extensions available in the Chrom browser. A lot of people think of proxies as VPNs. Therefore, you must ensure that you don't make this mistake. 

3) Use a Free Online Service to Hide your IP Address

There are various online services that you can use for hiding your IP address in Chrome to access the websites that are blocked. This way, you won't be required to install add-ons and sign up for accounts.

On these free online proxies, you just need to mention the name of the websites from which you wish to hide your identity. This is a practical method of bypassing geo-restrictions by using the IP address server from another nation. 

However, this means that you need to hide the IP address for that website. If you open a new tab in Chrome and try to open another page, then they will read your actual IP address. Using a free online service is a great way to hide your IP address. 

4) Manually Configure Your Proxy Settings

If you are not able to connect to the proxy on Windows 10, then you are required to diagnose and fix the issue. Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not have in-built settings for changing the proxy configuration.

Rather, it uses Windows proxy options. If you are setting up a global proxy server on Windows, then Chrome will use that configuration for establishing a network connection. 

Unlike the last two proxy methods, then this solution will help you obtain the addresses of a proxy server. If you don't know how to get them, then you can easily find some free proxy server addresses on Google.

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